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Davidson, Cynthia C. and Kwinter, Sanford and Eisenman, Peter and De Solà-Morales, Ignasi and Seraji, Nasrine and Andreu, Paul and Asada, Akira and Isozaki, Arata and Hughes, Francesca and Taverne, Ed. Anyhow. New York NY: Anyone Corporation; Cambridge MA London England: MIT Press, 1998.
Davidson, Cynthia C. and Rajchman, John and Grosz, Elizabeth and Jameson, Fredric and Eisenman, Peter and Isozaki, Arata and Koolhaas, Rem and Libeskind, Daniel and Tschumi, Bernard and Diller, Elizabeth and Ito, Toyo and Kim, Seok Chul and Agacinski, Sylviane and Déotte, Jean-Louis and Kwinter, Sanford and Galison, Peter and Jones, Caroline and Pérez-Gomez, Alberto and Guédon, Jean-Claude and Boigon, Brian and de Solà-Morales, Ignas and Lamoureux, Johanne and Cooper, Douglas and Charney, Melvin and Lavin, Sylvia and Iorio, Michel and Latouche, Daniel and Karatani, Kojin and Trigger, Bruce and Comay, Rebecca and Asada, Akira. Any Place. New York, NY: Anyone Corporation; Cambridge, MA: s.n., 1995.