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Anon. Art and Language : Australia 1975. New York, NY: Art & Language, 1975.
DOSSIER: 440 - ART & LANGUAGE (Collectif)
Anon. Blurting in A&L : An Index of Blurts and their Concatenation (the Handbook) Constitutes a Problematic; that is, You Can't (at Least Not Without Deliberation) Ignore Possible Pathways Without Losing Embeddedness (Idiolects); Deliberation (Here, the Issue of Going-on Becomes a Self-conscious Construction for the Reader) Admits Broader Reflection of a Context of Our/Your/Other Activities: Namely, the Structure of Our/Your Language/Culture and (the Prospect of) Revisability of Our/Your Language/Culture. New York, NY: Art & Language; Halifax, NS: NSCAD, 1973.
DOSSIER: 440 - ART & LANGUAGE (Collectif)
Art-Language.: 1 (new series). Banbury, England: Art & Language