ARTEXTE               Galerie Largeness World of Art
No Artist(s) Title Description Text Author Date of release Edition of Container
1 Lrg-nss01 Luis Jacob   Oil-on-canvas 001 Luis Jacob 14 Sept. 1996 40 copies Box
2 Lrg-nss02 Nestor Kruger, Chris Kukiel and Micah Lexier A Minute of my Time : Micah Lexier ; 55 : Chris Kukiel Printed work, ill. 002 Luis Jacob 31 Oct. 1996 40 copies Box
3 Lrg-nss03 Arlene Stamp and Luis Jacob Épsst, pass it on ! : Luis Jacob ; [The Complete Installation of Recording] : Arlene Stamp Artist's book, printed work, ill. (some col.)     16 Nov. 1996 40 copies Box
4 Lrg-nss04 Angela Leach, David Armstrong and Greg McHarg   Printed work, ill. 003 Luis Jacob 18 Dec. 1996 40 copies Box
5 Lrg-nss05 Ho Tam 24 k : Ho Tam Printed work, ill. 004     50 copies Box
6 Lrg-nss06 Jubal Brown, Peter Flemming, Jill Henderson, Stefanie Marshall and Zeneida Pereira, Maris Mezulis, Robert Kennedy, Matthew Sloly, Richard Stipl and Lawrence Baldwin, Kika Thorne and Adrian Blackwell, and Tobaron Waxman. [Programme Sheet : Video Propaganda at Synthesis] Programme sheet documenting the participation of Galerie Largeness to a video propaganda project showed during a rave called Synthesis.     22 Feb. 1997   Envelope
7 Lrg-nss07 Stefanie Marshall, Terril-Lee W. Calder-Fujii, Neil Wiernik, Death Waits, Shannon Cochrane, Curtis Donnahee, Jason Smith, Keith Manship and Jenny Keith [Catalogue for the first Spank Performance Art Event] Catalogue for the first Spank Performance Art Event. Includes performance documentation. Printed work, ill. (some col.)     31 Mar. 1997 50 copies Box
8 Lrg-nss08 Alan Belcher Five Card Stud : Gotta Play the Cards you're Dealt : Alan Belcher A mail-art project. 5 Playing Cards. Numbered copy 23/107.     30 Apr. 1997 104 copies + 1 artist's proof Envelope
9 Lrg-nss09 ecue (Phil Giborski) ; @ut.zones (Hans Samuelson) and Giorgio Magnanensi [Large.09] 1 tape recording     7 July 1997 50 copies Box
10 Lrg-nss10 Barely Pink (Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley) [Large.10] 1 tape recording From Works (1967-77) Lawrence Weiner 21 July 1997 50 copies Box
11 Lrg-nss11  Jocelyn Robert, Kathy Kennedy, Neil Wiernik, Andra McCartney, Jean Routhier, and Susan Frykberg [Large.11] 1 tape recording Contact (1971-1973) ;  Bill Vazan ; All the artists ;   14 Sept. 1997 50 copies Box
12 Lrg-nss12 Dan Lui [Large.12] 1 tape recording Excerpt from "Love's Time" ; [March 31, 1966] Rosemarie Castoro ; Dan Graham 20 Nov. 1997 50 copies Box
13 Lrg-nss13 DJ Sluggo (Steve Reinke) [Large.13] 1 tape recording The Rise and Fall of the Peanut Party  John Mitchell & Vincent Trasov 20 Nov. 1997 50 copies Box
14 Lrg-nss14 Enoch Gray [A prayer project by Enoch Gray for the International Day Without Art] : Enoch Gray Printed and paper work     1 Dec. 1997 50 copies Box
15 Lrg-nss15 Eric Cameron, Bill Laing, Arthur H. Nishimura and Laurie E. Olmstead Out in Left Field (10 cubes in perspective) : Eric Cameron ; Strange Attractors : Part Two : Arthur H. Nishimura & Laurie E. Olmstead ;  Printed work, ill. Galerie Largeness Year-End Report 1997.  Luis Jacob 31 Dec. 1997 50 copies Box
16 Lrg-nss16 Steve Rockwell, Sheila Gregory and Daniel Olson Meditations on Space : Steve Rockwell ; Entracte : Daniel Olson ;  Textual and printed work, ill. The Ossington Avenue Manifesto Scott Childs, Sheila Gregory, Eugene Knapik and Candy Minx 28 Jan. 1998 50 copies Box
17 Lrg-nss17 Tomma Abts, Eric Glavin and Luis Jacob   Printed work, ill. [Petition for the Recall Harris campaign]   31 March 1998 50 copies Box
18 Lrg-nss18 Elizabeth McIntosh and Anda Kubis   Printed and textual work, ill.  [Petition for the Recall Harris campaign]   31 March 1998 50 copies Box
19 Lrg-nss19 Bradley Philips, Sally McKay and Michael Amar Cougar Attack! : Sally McKay ; Printed and textual work, ill. [Petition for the Recall Harris campaign] ; call for artists from Copy Left, Switzerland   3 June 1998 50 copies Box
20 Lrg-nss20 "Music by DJs atu and ASI; video loops by Michael Buckland, Sandy Plotnikoff and Lucy Pullen, and Marina Polosa; performance art by Paul Couillard, and me and me" [Programme Sheet : Dwellers at the Threshold : Ambiant Music, Video and Performance Art] Programme sheet documenting the participation of Galerie Largeness at the "Dwellers at the Threshold : Ambiant Music, Video and Performance Art" of the "One-Night Stand" series of events  at the Power Plant.     3 June 1998   Envelope
21 Lrg-nss21 Cathy Thomas and Jack Niven [2 cardboard coasters] : Cathy Thomas ; [To create your own personal "Tarot Jig"] : Jack Niven Printed work, ill. ; 2 carboard coasters. [Anarchist Free School of Toronto] ; [Call for artists : YYZ's 'MONEY, VALUE, ART: State Funding, Free Market, Big Pictures' exhibition.]  ; Sally McKay 8 Dec. 1998 50 copies Box
22 Lrg-nss22 Laura Teneycke and Scott Silverthorn Grids : Scott Silverthorn ;  Printed work, col. ill. [Petition for the Recall Harris campaign] ; [Anarchist Free School of Toronto]   8 Dec. 1998 50 copies Box
23 Lrg-nss23 Roger Bywater, Emiliy vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, Elizabeth Fearon and Santiago Sierra [Programme Sheet : RAW2] Programme sheet documenting the participation of Galerie Largeness at RAW2 at the Weave Art Complex, second in ACG's Shuga' series of evenings "Playing it large"     23 Jan. 1999   Envelope
24 Lrg-nss24 Euan Macdonald City to City : Euan Macdonald 12 printed cards 005   2 Sept. 1999 60 copies Box
25 Lrg-nss25  Irina Schestakowich, Gene Trendal, Silvie Treuwalsh, Kevin Witzke, Enoch Gray, Amandah Hill and Rob Bloom   Printed work, col. Ill. 006   9 Sept. 1999 50 copies Box
26 Lrg-nss26 Alex Morrison Reinventing the Past so That This Time Might Be Better Than the Last : Alex Morrison Printed and textual work, col. Ill. 007 ; [Call for submissions to the Tingley Brothers Gallery]   6 July 2000 50 copies Box
27 Lrg-nss27 Glenn Gear and Julie Voyce Devilfish : Glenn Gear ;  Printed box, printed and textual work, ill. [Call for submissions to the Khyber Closet and Zippo Gallery]   7 Nov. 2000 50 copies Box
28 Lrg-nss28 Lyla Rye   Printed and textual work. [Call for submissions to Solo Exhibition]   12 Dec.  2000 50 copies Box
29 Lrg-nss29 Sandy Plotnikoff and Michael Fernandes   1 ballon, 1 black bag, 4 signs ; 1 folded map, 12 color cards 008 ; [Advertisement to Lisa Smolkin's museum]   4 Jan. 2001 50 copies Box
30 Lrg-nss30 Si Si Penaloza [XXXL] 16 polaroid photographs Includes a complete listing of Galerie Largeness World of Art instalments 01 to 30   7 Oct. 2002 50 copies Box
31 Hors sŽrie   [Trading Cards : Galerie Largeness] 6 printed cards 002 Luis Jacob     Envelope