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Marchessault, Janine and Armatage, Kay and Baert, Renee and Beaucage, Marjorie and Burnett, Ron and Dowler, Kevin and Folland, Tom and Gagnon, Monika and Gale, Peggy and Kawaja, Jennifer and Ross, Christine and Shaw, Nancy and Tuer, Dot. Mirror Machine : Video and Identity. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books; Montréal, Qc: s.n., 1995.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
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DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
Elbaz, Mikhaël and Murbach, Ruth and Crosby, Alfred W. and Gilmore, Norbert and Altman, Dennis and Crimp, Douglas and Grover, Jan Zita and Fleming, Martha and Lapointe, Lyne and Greyson, John and Gagnon, Monika and Folland, Tom and Baggaley, Jon and Kalin, Tom and Treichler, Paula A. and Watney, Simon and Parmar, Prathiba and Arcand, Bernard and Carlomusto, Jean and Bordowitz, Gregg and Speck, Weiland and Patton, Cindy and Konig, Ralf and Herbert, Daniel and Lynch, Michael and Callen, Michael and Mouli, Chandra and Rao, K.n. and Navarre, Yves and Adams, Evan and Stetson, Kent and Friedman, Gary and Milvase, Mike and Metcalf, Robert John and Smith, Helen and Sealy, Godfrey and Richardson, Alan and Berthelot, Pierre and Doumbi-Fakoly. A Leap in the Dark : Aids, Art and Contemporary Cultures. Montréal, Qc: Véhicule Press; Montréal, Qc: Éditions Artextes, 1992.
Folland, Tom and Laing, Carol and Longfellow, Brenda and Julian, Betty and Tuer, Dot and Valverde, Mariana and Farrel, Lennox and Gwendolyn. Towards the Slaughterhouse of History : Working Papers on Culture. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ, 1992.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)