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Volland, Jennifer M. and James, Kevin J. and Klein, Norman M. and Rebick, Stephanie and White, Peter and Scott, Susan and Hilton, Conrad and Augé, Marc and De Botton, Alain and Johnson, Brad A. and Sanders, Leonard and Blauvelt, Jim and Weiner, Matthew and Sekulic, Milan and Turner, Michael and Hughes, Langston and Fitzgerald, F. Scott and Kracauer, Siegfried and Morisset, Cédric and Cannon, Todd and Sheridan, Michael and Schrager, Ian and Walrod, Jim and Del Sol, German and Baker, Bill and Hilger, Stephen and Grenville, Bruce and Wright, Frank Lloyd and Draper, Dorothy and Lapidus, Morris and Kurokawa, Kisho and Jameson, Frederic and Longworth, Karina and Morse, Rebecca and Moshayedi, Aram and Chapman, Harold and Rault, Lori and Oxenar, Suzanne and Michelberger, Tom and May, Nadine and Kazimir, Azar and Knauer, Anja and Anselmi, Thomas and Gomez, Ernesto and Smith, Patti and Wieners, John and Office for Creative Research. Grand Hotel : Redesigning Modern Life. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Gallery; Ostfildern Allemagne: Hatje Cantz, 2013.
Iversen, Margaret and Auster, Paul and Baas, Jacquelynn and Bataille, Georges and Birnbaum, Daniel and Bishop, Claire and Brett, Guy and Buchloh, Benjamin H.D. and Cavell, Stanley and Cooke, Lynne and Deleuze, Gilles and Dezeuze, Anna and Dawei, Fei and Ferguson, Russell and Joseph, Branden W. and Kracauer, Siegfried and Lacan, Jacques and Maharaj, Sarat and Miller, John and Munroe, Alexandra and Pérez-Barreiro, Gabriel and Reichardt, Jasia and Robinson, Julia and Valdez, Sarah and Vossenkuhl, Katharina. Chance. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010.
De Wyzewa, Téodor and Signac, Paul and Gauguin, Paul and Freud, Sigmund and Weininger, Otto and Cézanne, Paul and Denis, Maurice and Meier-Graefe, Julius and de Chirico, Giorgio and Endell, August and Derain, André and Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig and Worringer, Wilhelm and Matisse, Henri and Fry, Roger and Kandinsky, Wassily and Marc, Franz and Macke, August and Nolde, Emil and Kokoschka, Oskar and Shevchenko, Alexander and Croce, Benedetto and Bell, Clive and Bahr, Hermann and Simmel, Georg and Weber, Max and Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich and Bergson, Henri and Blok, Alexander and Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso and Boccioni, Umberto and Delaunay, Robert and Lewis, Percy Wyndham and Marc, Franz and Léger, Fernand and Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri and Kraus, Karl and Malevich, Kasimir and Metzinger, Jean and Appolinaire, Guillaume and Rivière, Jacques and Gleizes, Albert and Metzinger, Jean and Léger, Fernand and Rozanova, Olga and Kahnweiler, Daniel-Henri and Braque, Georges and Spengler, Oswald and Carrà, Carlo and Rosenberg, Léonce and Jeanneret, Charles Edouard (Le Corbusier) and Ozenfant, Amédée and Derain, André and Lewis, Percy Wyndham and Gris, Juan and Ball, Hugo and Duchamp, Marcel and Tzara, Tristan and Hülsenbeck, Richard and Hausmann, Raoul and Blok, Alexander and Gropius, Walter and Beckmann, Max and Peichstein, Max and Grosz, George and Picabia, Francis and Ray, Man and Shklovsky, Viktor and van Doesburg, Theo and Mondrian, Piet and Gabo, Naum and Pevsner, Anton and Lissitsky, El and Tatlin, Vladimir and Popova, Lyubov and Punin, Nikolai and Rodchenko, Alexander and Stepanova, Varvara and Gan, Alexei and Lissitsky, El and Ehrenberg, Ilya and Brik, Osip and Klee, Paul and Crane, Hart and Hofmann, Hans and Strzeminski, Wladyslaw and Gabo, Naum and Hepworth, Barbara and Lassaw, Ibram and Nicholson, Ben and Siqueiros, David A. and Dix, Otto and Grosz, George and Rosenberg, Alfred and Lukacs, Georg and Rivera, Diego and Sironi, Mario and Zhdanov, Andrei and Davis, Stuart and Weinstock, Clarence and Wood, Grant and Klingender, Francis and Hitler, Adolf and Trotsky, Leon and Aragon, Louis and Breton, André and Herzfelde, Wieland and Brik, Osip and Tretyakov, Sergei and Kracauer, Siegfried and Volosinov, V.n. and Bataille, Georges and Dali, Salvador and Brecht, Bertolt and Léger, Fernand and Malevich, Kasimir and Read, Herbert and Schapiro, Meyer and Mukarovsky, Jan and Adorno, Theodor and Bloch, Ernst and Rosenberg, Harold and Pollock, Jackson and Gottlieb, Harold and Rothko, Mark and Newman, Barnett and Still, Clyfford and Sartre, Jean-Paul and Dubuffet, Jean and Artaud, Antonin and Beckett, Samuel and Duthuit, Georges and Lacan, Jacques and Atlan, Jean-Michel and Ponge, Francis and Camus, Albert and Tapié, Michel and Baselitz, George and Bacon, Francis and De Vlaminck, Maurice and Horkheimer, Max and Motherwell, Robert and Picasso, Pablo and Fontana, Lucio and Kemenov, Vladimir and Jorn, Asger and Fougeron, André and Dondero, George and Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. and Barr, Alfred H. Jr. and Shahn, Ben and Moore, Henry and Barthes, Roland and Debord, Guy and Alloway, Lawrence and Kaprow, Alan and Manzoni, Piero and Restany, Pierre and Williams, Raymond and Cage, John and Johns, Jasper and Hamilton, Richard and Oldenburg, Claes and Warhol, Andy and Lichtenstein, Roy and Kubler, George and McLuhan, Marshall and Smith, Tony and Robbe-Grillet, Alain and Smith, David and Merleau-Ponty, Maurice and Grennberg, Clement and Adorno, Theodor and Fried, Michel and Olitski, Jules and Cavell, Stanley and Tucker, William and Scott, Yim and Wollheim, Richard and Klein, Yves and Stella, Frank and Reinhardt, Ad and Judd, Donald and Morris, Robert and LeWitt, Sol and Barry, Robert and Kosuth, Joseph and Buren, Daniel and Mosset, Olivier and Parmentier, Michel and Toroni, Niele and Atkinson, Terry and Baldwin, Michael and Burn, Ian and Ramsden, Mel and Weiner, Lawrence and Burgin, Victor and Murphy, John A. and Celant, Germano and Lippard, Lucy and Beuys, Joseph and Haacke, Hans and Burn, Ian and Derrida, Jacques and Foucault, Michel and Althusser, Louis and Kuhn, Thomas and Smithson, Robert and Steinberg, Leo and Krauss, Rosalind and Baudrillard, Jean and Kristeva, Julia and Mulvey, Laura and Jameson, Fredric and Williams, Raymond and Bell, Daniel and Lyotard, Jean-François and Habermas, Jurgen and Judd, Donald and Richter, Gerhard and Owens, Craig and Foster, Hal and Levine, Sherrie and Kruger, Barbara and Halley, Peter and Steinbach, Haim and Koons, Jeff and Taaffe, Philip and Bickerton, Ashley and Said, Edward and Kelly, Mary and Wodiczko, Krzysztof and Rose, Jacqueline and Mitchell, W.j.t. and Schier, Flint and Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorti and Serra, Richard and Novembergruppe and Novembergruppe Opposition and De Stijl and UNOVIS and KOMFUT and Abstraction-Création and American Abstract Artists and AKhRR and Red Group and ARBKD and Central Committee for All-Union Communist Party and John Reed Club of New York and October and Constant and Art Workers' Coalition and Art & Language. Art in Theory 1900-1990 : An Anthology of Changing Ideas. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 1992.
De Tocqueville, Alexis and Whitman, Walt and Ortega y Gasset, Jose and Lowenthal, Leo and Macdonald, Dwight and Seldes, Gilbert and Greenberg, Clement and Mott, Frank Luther and Berelson, Bernard and Dutscher, Alan and Hemley, Cecil and Wilson, Edmund and Orwell, George and Rolo, Charles J. and La Farge, Christopher and Bogart, Leo and Warshow, Robert and Shannon, Lyle W. and Brodbeck, Arthur J. and Johns-Heine, Patricke and Gerth, Hans M. and Salter, Patricia J. and Kracauer, Siegfried and Powdermaker, Hortense and Wolfenstein, Martha and Leites, Nathan and Elkin, Frederick and Gans, Herbert J. and Larrabee, Eric and Riesman, David and Meyersohn, Rolf B. and Anders, Gunther and Rabassiere, Henry and Hausknecht, Murray and Lang, Kurt and Hayakawa, S.i. and Berger, Morroe and Riesman, David and Popkin, Henry and McLuhan, Marshall and Albert, Robert S. and Seeger, Alan and Lazarsfeld, Paul F. and Merton, Robert K. and Adorno, T.w. and Howe, Irving and Van Den Haag, Ernest and Fiedler, Leslie H. and Tumin, Melvin. Mass Culture : The Popular Arts in America. New York, NY: The Free Press; London, Ont.: s.n., 1957.