Niche : Installations, Interventions, Performances

Massier, John and Hatt, Gordon and Fedak, Lisa and Angelucci, Sara and Bowyer, Judy and Buckland, Michael and Calimente, Patriciu and Carlson, Corinne and Cauthery, Ian and Cluett, Cora and Fox, Charlie and Gelb, David and Glavin, Eric and Henderson, Karen and Hogg, Kevin and Sinclair, Pauline and Hutchinson, Nora and Kubis, Anda and Laird, Gordon and Lysenko, Olga and MacDonald, Paul and Matson, Seth and McNaughton, Roberta and Olson, Daniel and Paoli, Loretta and Shuebrook, Ron and Tambly, Michael. Niche : Installations, Interventions, Performances. Guelph, Ont.: The Install Art Collective, 1995.

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Abstract (English)

Massier and Hatt write about the project, initiated by the Install Art Collective, that led to interventions in downtown Guelph by 25 artists from Guelph and Toronto. Artist's statements. Biographical notes. 29 bibl. ref.

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All Contributors: Massier, John (Author); Hatt, Gordon (Author); Fedak, Lisa (Artist); Fedak, Lisa (Author); Angelucci, Sara (Artist); Angelucci, Sara (Author); Bowyer, Judy (Artist); Bowyer, Judy (Author); Buckland, Michael (Artist); Buckland, Michael (Author); Calimente, Patriciu (Artist); Calimente, Patriciu (Author); Carlson, Corinne (Artist); Carlson, Corinne (Author); Cauthery, Ian (Artist); Cauthery, Ian (Author); Cluett, Cora (Artist); Cluett, Cora (Author); Fox, Charlie (Artist); Fox, Charlie (Author); Gelb, David (Artist); Gelb, David (Author); Glavin, Eric (Artist); Glavin, Eric (Author); Henderson, Karen (Artist); Henderson, Karen (Author); Hogg, Kevin (Artist); Hogg, Kevin (Author); Sinclair, Pauline (Artist); Sinclair, Pauline (Author); Hutchinson, Nora (Artist); Hutchinson, Nora (Author); Kubis, Anda (Artist); Kubis, Anda (Author); Laird, Gordon (Artist); Laird, Gordon (Author); Lysenko, Olga (Artist); Lysenko, Olga (Author); MacDonald, Paul (Artist); MacDonald, Paul (Author); Matson, Seth (Artist); Matson, Seth (Author); McNaughton, Roberta (Artist); McNaughton, Roberta (Author); Olson, Daniel (Artist); Olson, Daniel (Author); Paoli, Loretta (Artist); Paoli, Loretta (Author); Shuebrook, Ron (Artist); Shuebrook, Ron (Author); Tambly, Michael (Artist); Tambly, Michael (Author)
Dossier: 410 - INSTALL ART (Collective)
Collation: 79 p.: 27 ill. ; 22 x 14 cm
ISBN: 0969960417
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Guelph, Ont.: The Install Art Collective
Artists: Install Art Collective; Angelucci, Sara; Bowyer, Judy; Buckland, Michael; Calimente, Patriciu; Carlson, Corinne; Cauthery, Ian; Cluett, Cora; Fedak, Lisa; Fox, Charlie; Gelb, David; Glavin, Eric; Henderson, Karen; Hogg, Kevin; Hutchinson, Nora; Kubis, Anda; Laird, Gordon; Lysenko, Olga; Macdonald, Paul; Matson, Seth; Mcnaughton, Roberta; Olson, Daniel; Paoli, Loretta; Shuebrook, Ron; Sinclair, Pauline; Tamblyn, Michael
Event Statement: Exhibition dates: 22 Apr. - 20 May 1995 (Guelph).
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