About e-artexte

e-artexte is the online platform that provides access to the Artexte catalogue and associated digital files.

e-artexte fulfills two complementary roles:

  • it is the catalogue of Artexte’s collection of publications on contemporary art from 1965 to the present;
  • it is an open access digital repository for full-text documents about contemporary Canadian art.

Some items in e-artexte are available only in print, some are available in digital format, and some are available in both print and digital formats.

Print item only Digital item only Both print and digital versions are available

Print materials can be consulted at our documentation centre. For information about our location and hours please visit the Artexte website.

Digital materials in e-artexte are openly accessible to download, read and share, and can be re-used under the terms of the associated Creative Commons license. The rights holders for these materials are indicated in the Copyright Statement for each item.

e-artexte includes digital versions of exhibition catalogues, critical essays, magazine/journal articles, conference papers and artist-initiated publications in addition to born-digital items such as audio-visual documentation.

If you would like to submit your print publications to the Artexte collection, please see the Contribute section of our website.

If you would like to deposit digital documents in e-artexte, please read Deposit your Documents.

If you have further questions please contact us at eartexte@artexte.ca