Eclectic Eve

Cameron, Janice; Ferdinands, Frances; Snitman, Sharon; Tamme, Madli; Wernick, Annetta. Eclectic Eve. [Toronto, Ont.]: s.n., 1970.

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Abstract (English)

In interviews, 59 Toronto artists discuss their work, the art scene, and their experiences as women artists.

Types: Monographs
All Contributors: Alexander, Earla (Interviewee); Barry, Anne Meredith (Interviewee); Bevelander, Mieke (Interviewee); Bourque, Patricia (Interviewee); Clark, Paraskeva (Interviewee); Courtice, Rody Kenney (Interviewee); Davies, Mary (Interviewee); Drutz, June (Interviewee); Frenkel, Vera (Interviewee); Kurtz-Fine, Phyllis (Interviewee); Frick, Joan (Interviewee); Fulford, Patricia (Interviewee); Gage, Frances (Interviewee); Gouin, Judy (Interviewee); Graham, Kay (Interviewee); Gregor, Helen Frances (Interviewee); Hall, Barbara (Interviewee); Harbison, Cathy Senitt (Interviewee); Hazelgrove, Nancy (Interviewee); Heler, Ursula (Interviewee); Hill, Marilyn (Interviewee); Housser, Yvonne McKague (Interviewee); Hunt, Dora De Pedery (Interviewee); Johnson, Kathleen (Interviewee); Jones, Laura (Interviewee); Janes, Phyllis (Interviewee); Kantaroff, Maryon (Interviewee); Kerwin, Claire (Interviewee); Letendre, Rita (Interviewee); Letki, Paula (Interviewee); Lucas, Helen (Interviewee); Luz, Virginia (Interviewee); Manning, Jo (Interviewee); Marino, Carol (Interviewee); Martyn, Carol (Interviewee); Marx, May (Interviewee); McCarthy, Doris (Interviewee); Ondaatje, Kim (Interviewee); Raicus, Ethel (Interviewee); Ross, Christine (Interviewee); Sadowska, Carolyn (Interviewee); Saward, Gill (Interviewee); Shoniker, Claire (Interviewee); Singer, Sylvia (Interviewee); Sisler, Rebecca (Interviewee); Steele, Lisa (Interviewee); Twist, Jean (Interviewee); Vale, Florence (Interviewee); Wald, Suzanna (Interviewee); Walker, Joy (Interviewee); Weber, Kay Murray (Interviewee); Westerlund, Mia (Interviewee); Whiten, Colette (Interviewee); Whitlock, An (Interviewee); Wieland, Joyce (Interviewee); Wiitasalo, Shirley (Interviewee); Wildman, Sally (Interviewee); Zack, Badanna (Interviewee); Zurosky, Louise (Interviewee); Cameron, Janice (Interviewer); Cameron, Janice (Author); Ferdinands, Frances (Interviewer); Ferdinands, Frances (Author); Snitman, Sharon (Interviewer); Snitman, Sharon (Author); Tamme, Madli (Interviewer); Tamme, Madli (Author); Wernick, Annetta (Interviewer); Wernick, Annetta (Author)
Collation: [128] p. : 41 ill. ; 29 x 22 cm
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: [Toronto, Ont.]: s.n.
Artists: Alexander, Earla; Barry, Anne Meredith; Bevelander, Mieke; Bourque, Patricia; Clark, Paraskeva; Courtice, Rody Kenney; Davies, Mary; Frenkel, Vera; Kurtz-Fine, Phyllis; Frick, Joan; Fulford, Patricia; Gage, Frances; Gouin, Judy; Graham, Kay; Gregor, Helen Frances; Hall, Barbara; Harbison, Cathy Senitt; Hazelgrove, Nancy; Heler, Ursula; Hill, Marilyn; Housser, Yvonne Mckague; Hunt, Dora De Pedery; Johnson, Kathleen; Jones, Laura; Janes, Phyllis; Kantaroff, Maryon; Kerwin, Claire; Letendre, Rita; Letki, Paula; Lucas, Helen; Luz, Virginia; Manning, Jo; Marino, Carol; Martyn, Carol; Marx, May; Mccarthy, Doris; Ondaatje, Kim; Raicus, Ethel; Ross, Christine; Sadowska, Carolyn; Saward, Gill; Shoniker, Claire; Singer, Sylvia; Sisler, Rebecca; Steele, Lisa; Twist, Jean; Vale, Florence; Wald, Suzanna; Walker, Joy; Weber, Kay Murray; Westerlund, Mia; Whiten, Colette; Whitlock, An; Wieland, Joyce; Wiitasalo, Shirley; Wildman, Sally; Zack, Badanna; Zurosky, Louise
Keywords: WOMAN
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