Design and Art

Coles, Alex; Nelson, George; Hamilton, Richard; Greenberg, Clement; Potter, Norman; Rand, Paul; Graham, Dan; Judd, Donald; Flusser, Vilém; Pardo, Jorge; Scanlan, Joe; Foster, Hal; Kwon, Miwon; Dorst, Kees; Poynor, Rick; Cook, Peter; Tafuri, Manfredo; Rams, Dieter; Weil, Benjamin; Zittel, Andrea; van Lieshout, Josep; Coupland, Douglas; Obrist, Hans-Ulrich; Staniszewski, Mary Anne; Bourdon, David; Eames, Charles; Wigley, Mark and Archigram; et alii. Design and Art. London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007.

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Abstract (English)

"Design and Art comprehensively surveys and also looks beyond the phenomenon of 'designerart' that has emerged since the Pop and Minimalist era: cutting-edge, hybrid practices that blur traditional boundaries between art, architecture, graphic and product design" -- p. [4] of cover.

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: Coles, Alex (Author); Coles, Alex (Editor); Nelson, George (Author); Hamilton, Richard (Author); Greenberg, Clement (Author); Potter, Norman (Author); Rand, Paul (Author); Graham, Dan (Author); Judd, Donald (Author); Flusser, Vilém (Author); Pardo, Jorge (Author); Scanlan, Joe (Author); Foster, Hal (Author); Kwon, Miwon (Author); Dorst, Kees (Author); Schouwenberg, Louise (Interviewee); Jongerius, Hella (Interviewer); Poynor, Rick (Author); Roberts, Lucienne (Interviewee); Cook, Peter (Author); Tafuri, Manfredo (Author); Rams, Dieter (Author); Weil, Benjamin (Author); Zittel, Andrea (Author); van Lieshout, Josep (Author); Orta, Lucy (Interviewee); Nacking, Asa (Interviewer); Coupland, Douglas (Author); Tiravanija, Rirkrit (Interviewee); Obrist, Hans-Ulrich (Author); Rehberger, Tobias (Interviewee); Spira, Anthony (Interviewer); Staniszewski, Mary Anne (Author); Warhol, Andy (Interviewee); Berg, Gretchen (Interviewer); Bourdon, David (Author); Ruscha, Ed (Interviewer); Eames, Charles (Author); Wigley, Mark (Author); Gillick, Liam (Interviewee); Roberts, Catsou (Interviewer); Steeds, Lucy (Interviewer); Elliman, Paul (Interviewee); van Deursen, Linda (Interviewer); Mevis, Armand (Interviewer); Amzalag, Michael (Interviewee); Augustyniak, Mathias (Interviewee); Blamey, David (Interviewer); Experimental Jetset; Archigram; N55; Superflex; M/M; et alii
Dossier: 800 - DESIGN
Collation: 207 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 9780854881536
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
Artists: Aalto, Alvar; Arad, Ron; Archigram; Experimental Jetset; Flavin, Dan; Gillick, Liam; Gropius, Walter; Huyghe, Pierre; Jongerius, Hella; Judd, Donald; Kiesler, Frederick; Loos, Adolf; Mau, Bruce; Mevis, Armand; M/M; Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo; N55; Oldenburg, Claes; Orta, Lucy; Panton, Verner; Pardo, Jorge; Parreno, Philippe; Rams, Dieter; Rot, Dieter; Rehberger, Tobias; Ruscha, Ed; Superflex; Tiravanija, Rirkrit; van Deursen, Linda; Van Lieshout, Joep; Venturi, Robert; Warhol, Andy; Zittel, Andrea
Copyright Statement: Whitechapel Gallery Ventures Unlimited, the authors, unless otherwise stated.
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Includes extracts taken from previously published texts.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

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