Alloula, Malek; Brown, Norman O.; Butler, Judith; Crimp, Douglas; Dimitrakaki, Angela; Doyle, Jennifer; Gessen, Masha; Guérin, Daniel; Heartney, Eleanor; Johnson, Claudette; Katz, Jonathan D.; Klein, Jennie; Kristeva, Julia; Leszkowicz, Pawel. Sexuality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2014.

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Abstract (English)

"This anthology traces how and why this identification of art with sexual expression or repression arose and how the terms have shifted in tandem with artistic and theoretical debates, from the era of the rights movements to the present. Among the subjects it discusses are abjection and the “informe,” or formless; pornography and the obscene; the performativity of gender and sexuality; and the role of sexuality in forging radical art or curatorial practices in response to such issues as state-sponsored repression and anti-feminism in the broader social realm." -- Publisher's website.

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: Jones, Amelia (Editor); Alloula, Malek (Author); Brown, Norman O. (Author); Butler, Judith (Author); Crimp, Douglas (Author); Dimitrakaki, Angela (Author); Doyle, Jennifer (Author); Gessen, Masha (Author); Guérin, Daniel (Author); Heartney, Eleanor (Author); Johnson, Claudette (Author); Katz, Jonathan D. (Author); Klein, Jennie (Author); Kristeva, Julia (Author); Leszkowicz, Pawel (Author); [et alii]
Collation: 240 p. : 21 cm
ISBN: 9780854882243
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery
Artists: Acconci, Vito; Assume vivid astro focus; Athey, Ron; Benglis, Lynda; Byrne, Gerard; Chakravarthi, George; Chicago, Judy; Cosey Fanni Tutti; Delvoye, Wim; Elmgreen & Dragset; Emin, Tracey; Export, Valie; Fraser, Andrea; Gómez-Peña, Guillermo; Gonzalez-Torres, Felix; Gupta, Sunil; Hammond, Harmony; Kelly, Mary; Kusama, Yayoi; LaGrace, Volcano Del; Legorreta, Robert; Mccarthy, Paul; Maple, Sarah; Neshat, Shrin; O'grady, Lorraine; Ono, Yoko; Opie, Catherine; Orlan; Ostojic, Tanja; Pope, William L.; Schapiro, Miriam; Schneemann, Carolee; Semmel, Joan; Smith, Barbara; Sprinkle, Annie; Szapocznikow, Alina; Davis, Vaginal; Wilke, Hannah; Wojnarowicz, David
Copyright Statement: Whitechapel Gallery Ventures Limited; the authors or the estates of the authors unless otherwise stated.
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