Robertson, Clive and McGrath, Patrick and Whitfield, Tony and Mcgee, Micki and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Berland, Jody and Beveridge, Karl and Conde, Carole and Bull, Hank and Richmond, Norman Otis and Luce, Frank and Reid, Bob. Fuse 5: 10. January/February/March. (1982).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Robertson, Clive (Editor); Steele, Lisa (Editor); Robinson, Gillian (Editor); Greyson, John (Editor); Whitfield, Tony (Editor); Berland, Jody (Collaborator); Beveridge, Karl (Collaborator); Bull, Hank (Collaborator); Conde, Carole (Collaborator); Luce, Frank (Collaborator); Mcgee, Micki (Collaborator); McGrath, Patrick (Collaborator); Reid, Bob (Collaborator); Richmond, Norman Otis (Collaborator); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Collaborator); Whitfield, Tony (Collaborator); Amis, Ric (Photographer); Baillargeon, Robert (Photographer); Bonds, Ozel Jr. (Photographer); Brown, Alister (Photographer); Bull, Hank (Photographer); Campbell, Nancy (Photographer); Cobb, Cyne (Photographer); Conde, Carole (Photographer); Grace, Helen (Photographer); Lambert, Bonnie (Photographer); Margolies, Barbara (Photographer); Monro, Jim (Photographer); Morrison, Reg (Photographer); Mountford, Charles (Photographer); Patwardhan, Anand (Photographer); Smith, Bill (Photographer); Victor, Thomas (Photographer); Robertson, Clive (Designer); Beveridge, Karl (Producer); Conde, Carole (Producer); Robertson, Clive (Producer); Robinson, Gillian (Producer); Steele, Lisa (Producer); Robertson, Clive (Collaborator); Robinson, Gillian (Collaborator); Robertson, Clive (Author); McGrath, Patrick (Author); Whitfield, Tony (Author); Mcgee, Micki (Author); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Author); Berland, Jody (Author); Beveridge, Karl (Author); Conde, Carole (Author); Bull, Hank (Author); Richmond, Norman Otis (Author); Luce, Frank (Author); Reid, Bob (Author); Malden, Jackie (Collaborator); Richmond, Norman Otis (Interviewer); Shepp, Archie (Interviewee); Murray, Ian (Interviewee); Robertson, Clive (Interviewer); Lama Labs; Delta Web Graphics; Union Art Services; Art Workers Union; Tin Sheds Graphics Workshop; Steinward
ISSN: 02268086
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Conti, Haroldo; Galeano, Eduardo; WOOSTER GROUP, The; Lecompte, Elizabeth; Bechtol, Valerie; Keller, Julie; Mother Art; Lacy, Suzanne; Cagan, Steve; Arnold, Kathy; Hughes, Mary Lynn; Millner, Sherry; Marruwarr, Y.; Martin, Messi; Shepp, Archie; Murray, Ian; Brook, Michael; Tucker, John; Gaysek, Fred; Westerkamp, Hildegard; Eno, Brian; Horizontal Vertical Band (The); Monro, Jim; Patwardhan, Anand; May, Derek; Wong, Paul; Birnbaum, Dara; Anderson, Laurie; Sondheim, Alan
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: Route to Racism in N.Y.C.
Publisher's mailing address:
615 Clinton Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6G 2Z8.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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