St. Jean, Armande; Brand, Dionne; Egan, Carolyn; Miles, Angela; Endres, Robin Belitsky; Clausen, Jan; Sturman, Susan; Philip, Marlene. Fireweed: 19. Summer/Fall. (1984).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Nixon, Anne (Collaborator); Godfree, Pamela (Collaborator); Murphy, Pat (Collaborator); Elliot, Martha (Collaborator); Keir, Alex (Collaborator); Tregebov, Rhea (Collaborator); Block, Sheila (Collaborator); Waring, Wendy (Collaborator); Elias, Lee Ann (Collaborator); Laing, Linda (Collaborator); Poteet, Susan (Collaborator); St. Jean, Armande (Author); Brand, Dionne (Author); Egan, Carolyn (Author); Miles, Angela (Author); Endres, Robin Belitsky (Author); Clausen, Jan (Author); Sturman, Susan (Author); Philip, Marlene (Author); Brand, Dionne (Collaborator); Higdon, Christine (Designer); Sturman, Susan (Collaborator); Bannister, Donna (Poet); Charlton, Lindsey (Poet); Brodine, Karen (Poet); Patterson, Janet (Collaborator); Goldberg, Hinda (Collaborator); McWatt, Tessa (Collaborator); Sturman, Susan (Collaborator); Silvera, Makeda (Collaborator); Higdon, Christine (Collaborator); Casper, Claudia (Collaborator); Fulford, Margaret (Collaborator); Rieger, Faye Scott (Collaborator); Atin, Tracey (Collaborator); Geltner, Gail (Illustrator); Graham, Heather (Illustrator); Klunder, Barbara (Illustrator); Martin, Stephanie (Photographer); Wortsman, Wendy (Illustrator); Godfree, Pamela (Designer)
Number of Pages: 116
ISSN: 07063857
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Toronto, Ont.: Fireweed Inc.
Artists: Sturman, Susan; Higdon, Christine; Godfree, Pamela; Geltner, Gail; Graham, Heather; Wortsman, Wendy; Klunder, Barbara
Copyright Statement: the authors

Complete title: Fireweed: A Feminist Quarterly.
Issue's title: Theory.
Publisher's mailing address:
Fireweed, P.O. Box 279, Station B, Toronto, Canada, M5T 2W2.
Includes biographical notes.
Includes bibliographical references.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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