Yoon, Jean and Kearns, Janet and Kogawa, Joy and Clark, Eliza and Shaw, Joan Fern and Carty, Linda and Aggarwal, Pramila and Geltner, Gail and Alfano, Michele and Tregebov, Rhea and Mason, Joyce and Valverde, Mariana. Fireweed: 24. Winter. (1987).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Block, Sheila (Collaborator); Higdon, Christine (Collaborator); Silvera, Makeda (Collaborator); Waring, Wendy (Collaborator); Casper, Claudia (Collaborator); Elias, Lee Ann (Collaborator); Alfano, Michele (Collaborator); Fulford, Margaret (Collaborator); Komori, Leslie (Collaborator); Godfree, Pamela (Collaborator); Keir, Alex (Collaborator); McWatt, Tessa (Collaborator); Patterson, Janet (Collaborator); Tregebov, Rhea (Collaborator); Higdon, Christine (Designer); Yoon, Jean (Author); Kearns, Janet (Author); Kogawa, Joy (Author); Clark, Eliza (Author); Shaw, Joan Fern (Author); Mouré, Erin (Poet); Oxendine, Pamela (Poet); Danys, Milda (Poet); Motoi, Ina (Poet); Jewell, Terri L. (Poet); Zamora, Daisy (Poet); McInnis, Nadine (Poet); Parson, Julie (Poet); Belli, Giaconda (Poet); Chase, Gillian (Poet); Barrett, Carol (Poet); Espinet, Ramabai (Poet); Carty, Linda (Author); Waring, Wendy (Interviewer); Onodera, Midi (Interviewee); Komori, Leslie (Interviewer); Kogawa, Joy (Interviewee); Bannerji, Himani (Interviewer); von Trotta, Margarethe (Interviewee); Martin, Stephanie (Photographer); Aggarwal, Pramila (Author); Geltner, Gail (Author); Alfano, Michele (Author); Tregebov, Rhea (Author); Mason, Joyce (Author); Valverde, Mariana (Author); LaFrance, Laurie (Illustrator); Dionisi, Sandra (Illustrator); Thornhill, Jan (Illustrator); Maclennan, Joss (Illustrator); Braggins, Donna (Collaborator); Matthews, Jan (Collaborator); Roulston, Christine (Collaborator)
Number of Pages: 120
ISSN: 07063857
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Toronto, Ont.: Fireweed Inc.
Artists: Higdon, Christine; Geltner, Gail; LaFrance, Laurie; Dionisi, Sandra; Thornhill, Jan; Maclennan, Joss
Copyright Statement: the authors

Complete title: Fireweed: A Feminist Quarterly
Publisher's mailing address:
Fireweed, P.O. Box 279, Station B, Toronto, Canada, M5T 2W2.
Includes biographical notes.
Includes bibliographical references.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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