Trap Door : Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility

Adsit, Lexi and Ahmed, Sara and Archer, Nicole and Lumumba Barrow, Kai and Cárdenas, Micha and Chen, Mel Y. and Dunham, Grace and Ellison, Treva and Freeland, Sydney and Gossett, Che and Gregory, Stamatina and Griffin-Gracy, Miss Major and Hamblin, Robert and Hayward, Eva and Huxtable, Juliana and Cohen, Yve Laris and Lewis, Abram J. and Love, Heather and McArthur, Park and McDonald, Cece and Meronek, Toshio and Moten, Fred and Nyong'o, Tavia and Page, Morgan M. and Perez, Roy and Spade, Dean and Tang, Jeannine and Tsang, Wu and Vaccaro, Jeanne and Vargas, Chris E. and Wyeth, Geo and Young, Kalaniopua and Zavitsanos, Constantina. Trap Door : Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2017.

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Abstract (English)

"Essays, conversations, and archival investigations explore the paradoxes, limitations, and social ramifications of trans representation within contemporary culture. The increasing representation of trans identity throughout art and popular culture in recent years has been nothing if not paradoxical. Trans visibility is touted as a sign of a liberal society, but it has coincided with a political moment marked both by heightened violence against trans people (especially trans women of color) and by the suppression of trans rights under civil law. Trap Door grapples with these contradictions. The essays, conversations, and dossiers gathered here delve into themes as wide-ranging yet interconnected as beauty, performativity, activism, and police brutality. Collectively, they attest to how trans people are frequently offered “doors”—entrances to visibility and recognition—that are actually “traps,” accommodating trans bodies and communities only insofar as they cooperate with dominant norms. The volume speculates about a third term, perhaps uniquely suited for our time: the trapdoor, neither entrance nor exit, but a secret passageway leading elsewhere. Trap Door begins a conversation that extends through and beyond trans culture, showing how these issues have relevance for anyone invested in the ethics of visual culture." -- Publisher's website

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: Adsit, Lexi (Author); Ahmed, Sara (Author); Archer, Nicole (Author); Lumumba Barrow, Kai (Author); Burton, Johanna (Editor); Cárdenas, Micha (Author); Chen, Mel Y. (Author); Dunham, Grace (Author); Ellison, Treva (Author); Freeland, Sydney (Author); Gossett, Che (Author); Gossett, Reina (Editor); Gregory, Stamatina (Author); Griffin-Gracy, Miss Major (Author); Hamblin, Robert (Author); Hayward, Eva (Author); Huxtable, Juliana (Author); Cohen, Yve Laris (Author); Lewis, Abram J. (Author); Love, Heather (Author); McArthur, Park (Author); McDonald, Cece (Author); Meronek, Toshio (Author); Moten, Fred (Author); Nyong'o, Tavia (Author); Page, Morgan M. (Author); Perez, Roy (Author); Spade, Dean (Author); Stanley, Eric A. (Editor); Tang, Jeannine (Author); Tsang, Wu (Author); Vaccaro, Jeanne (Author); Vargas, Chris E. (Author); Wyeth, Geo (Author); Young, Kalaniopua (Author); Zavitsanos, Constantina (Author)
Dossier: 700 - LGBTQ+
Collation: 448 p. : col. ill. ; 25 cm.
ISBN: 9780262036603
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
Artists: Barrow, Kai Lumumba; Freeland, Sydney; Hamblin, Robert; Huxtable, Juliana; Laris Cohen, Yve; McArthur, Park; Page, Morgan M.; Tsang, Wu; Vargas, Chris E.; Wyeth, Geo; Zavitsanos, Constantina
Critics / Curators / Historians: Ahmed, Sara; Archer, Nicole; Burton, Johanna; Chen, Mel Y.; Gossett, Che; Gossett, Reina; Gregory, Stamatina; Tang, Jeannine; Vaccaro, Jeanne; Young, Kalaniopua
Copyright Statement: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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