Unsuitable as an Institution : The Tenacity of Access Gallery : 1992 - 2014

McBride, Scott and Nickull, Nadine and Bowie, Fiona and Pien, Ed and Wood, Kelly and McCrum, Phillip and Lee, Evan and Bubaš, Karin and Burnham, Clint and Mochizuki, Cindy and MacTaggart, Alison and Tycholis, Kathy and Lamb, Laura and Kwan, Vanessa and Peck, Aaron and Kliegel, Christian and Sawatsky, Rachelle and Starling, Dan and Fedorak, Lisa and Boone, Jeffrey and Birch, Jesse and Park, Liz and Roy, Marina and Dacey, Shaun and Sudeyko, Teresa and Ducharme, Anyse and Kim, Areum and Hurst, Metcalfe Emma. Unsuitable as an Institution : The Tenacity of Access Gallery : 1992 - 2014. Edition of 200. Vancouver, BC: Access Gallery, 2014.

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Types: Monographs
All Contributors: Phillips, Kimberly (Editor); McBride, Scott (Author); Nickull, Nadine (Author); Bowie, Fiona (Author); Pien, Ed (Author); Wood, Kelly (Author); McCrum, Phillip (Author); Lee, Evan (Author); Bubaš, Karin (Author); Burnham, Clint (Author); Mochizuki, Cindy (Author); MacTaggart, Alison (Author); Tycholis, Kathy (Author); Lamb, Laura (Author); Kwan, Vanessa (Author); Peck, Aaron (Author); Kliegel, Christian (Author); Sawatsky, Rachelle (Author); Starling, Dan (Author); Fedorak, Lisa (Author); Boone, Jeffrey (Author); Birch, Jesse (Author); Park, Liz (Author); Roy, Marina (Author); Dacey, Shaun (Author); Sudeyko, Teresa (Author); Ducharme, Anyse (Author); Kim, Areum (Author); Hurst, Metcalfe Emma (Author)
Dossier: 353 - ACCESS GALLERY (Vancouver)
Collation: 184 pages : colour illustrations ; 24 cm
ISBN: 9780986668838
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Vancouver, BC: Access Gallery
Artists: Bowie, Fiona; Pien, Ed; Lee, Evan; Bubaš, Karin; Mochizuki, Cindy; MacTaggart, Alison; Tycholis, Kathy; Kliegel, Christian; Starling, Dan; Milton, Elizabeth
Copyright Statement: Access Gallery and the contributing authors, artists and editors.
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Includes bibliographical references.
Includes biographical notes : pages 177 - 184.

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