Entangled Bodies: Art, Identity and Intercorporeality

El-Sheikh, Tammer and Bachmann, Ingrid and Poole, Jennifer and Jan, Emily and et alii. Entangled Bodies: Art, Identity and Intercorporeality. Wilmington, Delaware: Vernon Press.

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Abstract (English)

"Organ transplantation is a medical innovation that has offered the potential to enhance and save lives since the first successful procedure in the 1950s. Subsequent developments in scientific knowledge and advances in surgical techniques have allowed for more efficient and refined procurement, minimal surgical complications, and increased success rate. However, procedures such as organ transplantation raise questions about the nature of our relationship with our own bodies; about our embodiment and personal and corporeal identity.

This book is comprised of academic essays, personal reflections, and creative writing from researchers and artists involved in an ongoing collaborative art-science project about the experience and culture of heart transplantation. The writings and reflections included discuss embodiment, what it means to inhabit a body and define oneself in relation to it, including struggles with identity formation; set in both clinical and private spaces." -- Publisher's website.

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: El-Sheikh, Tammer (Editor); El-Sheikh, Tammer (Author); Bachmann, Ingrid (Author); Poole, Jennifer (Author); Jan, Emily (Author); et alii
Dossier: en commande
ISBN: 9781622738335
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Wilmington, Delaware: Vernon Press
Copyright Statement: Vernon Press
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