Art in Victoria : 1960-1986

Tuele, Nicholas and Davison, Liane and Amos, Robert and Arnold, Mary and Baden, Mowry and Bates, Pat Martin and Bates, Maxwell and Brdar, Nick and Brener, Roland and Ciccimarra, Richard and Corte, Jim and Currelly, Judith and Curry, Gwen and Dairymple, Neil and DeCastro, Robert and Dexter, Walter and Dobereiner, John and Douglas, Fred and Forrest, Nita and Gammon, Lynda and Gordaneer, James and Gore, Tom and Graham, Colin and Grison, Brian and Grove, Helga and Grove, Jan and Hamilton, Ron and Harvey, Donald and Hopper, Robin and Howarth, Glenn and Hunt, Calvin and Hunt, Henry and Hunt, Tony and Irwin, P.k. and Ituarte, Luis and Jensen, LeRoy and Jorgensen, Flemming and Kelly, Kerry Joe and Kidder, Jack and Kyle, Joseph and Lansdowne, J. Fenwick and Lindsay, James and Lowe, Stephen and Mayhew, Elza and Merino, Luis and Morris, Michael and Morton, Douglas and Ogilvie, Mary-Lynn and Olsen, Lance and Pavelic, Myfanwy and Peterson, Margaret and Polkinghorne, Ted and Porteous, William and Pratt, Elspeth and Privett, Molly and Sabiston, Carole and Serota, Phyllis and Siebner, Herbert and Sinats, Andy and Skelton, Robin and Snider, Greg and Spreitz, Karl and Stanbridge, Harry and Stanbridge, Ralph and Sutherland, Roberta and Szekely, Barrie and Thompson, Art and Thorn, Anthony and Tiessen, George and Toresdahl, David and Travers-Smith, Brian and Urban, Colette and Vial, Yves and Warnock, Betty and Wilkinson, Jack and Wilkinson, Joan and Wise, Jack. Art in Victoria : 1960-1986. Victoria, BC: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1986.

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Abstract (English)

The authors describe the arts in Victoria since 1945, focusing on the role of art galleries and art schools and on the work of individual artists. Includes 75 artists' statements and biographical notes.

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All Contributors: Tuele, Nicholas (Curator); Tuele, Nicholas (Author); Davison, Liane (Author); Amos, Robert (Artist); Amos, Robert (Author); Arnold, Mary (Artist); Arnold, Mary (Author); Baden, Mowry (Artist); Baden, Mowry (Author); Bates, Pat Martin (Artist); Bates, Pat Martin (Author); Bates, Maxwell (Artist); Bates, Maxwell (Author); Brdar, Nick (Artist); Brdar, Nick (Author); Brener, Roland (Artist); Brener, Roland (Author); Ciccimarra, Richard (Artist); Ciccimarra, Richard (Author); Corte, Jim (Artist); Corte, Jim (Author); Currelly, Judith (Artist); Currelly, Judith (Author); Curry, Gwen (Artist); Curry, Gwen (Author); Dairymple, Neil (Artist); Dairymple, Neil (Author); DeCastro, Robert (Artist); DeCastro, Robert (Author); Dexter, Walter (Artist); Dexter, Walter (Author); Dobereiner, John (Artist); Dobereiner, John (Author); Douglas, Fred (Artist); Douglas, Fred (Author); Forrest, Nita (Artist); Forrest, Nita (Author); Gammon, Lynda (Artist); Gammon, Lynda (Author); Gordaneer, James (Artist); Gordaneer, James (Author); Gore, Tom (Artist); Gore, Tom (Author); Graham, Colin (Artist); Graham, Colin (Author); Grison, Brian (Artist); Grison, Brian (Author); Grove, Helga (Artist); Grove, Helga (Author); Grove, Jan (Artist); Grove, Jan (Author); Hamilton, Ron (Artist); Hamilton, Ron (Author); Harvey, Donald (Artist); Harvey, Donald (Author); Hopper, Robin (Artist); Hopper, Robin (Author); Howarth, Glenn (Artist); Howarth, Glenn (Author); Hunt, Calvin (Artist); Hunt, Calvin (Author); Hunt, Henry (Artist); Hunt, Henry (Author); Hunt, Tony (Artist); Hunt, Tony (Author); Irwin, P.K. (Artist); Irwin, P.K. (Author); Ituarte, Luis (Artist); Ituarte, Luis (Author); Jensen, LeRoy (Artist); Jensen, LeRoy (Author); Jorgensen, Flemming (Artist); Jorgensen, Flemming (Author); Kelly, Kerry Joe (Artist); Kelly, Kerry Joe (Author); Kidder, Jack (Artist); Kidder, Jack (Author); Kyle, Joseph (Artist); Kyle, Joseph (Author); Lansdowne, J. Fenwick (Artist); Lansdowne, J. Fenwick (Author); Lindsay, James (Artist); Lindsay, James (Author); Lowe, Stephen (Artist); Lowe, Stephen (Author); Mayhew, Elza (Artist); Mayhew, Elza (Author); Merino, Luis (Artist); Merino, Luis (Author); Morris, Michael (Artist); Morris, Michael (Author); Morton, Douglas (Artist); Morton, Douglas (Author); Ogilvie, Mary-Lynn (Artist); Ogilvie, Mary-Lynn (Author); Olsen, Lance (Artist); Olsen, Lance (Author); Pavelic, Myfanwy (Artist); Pavelic, Myfanwy (Author); Peterson, Margaret (Artist); Peterson, Margaret (Author); Polkinghorne, Ted (Artist); Polkinghorne, Ted (Author); Porteous, William (Artist); Porteous, William (Author); Pratt, Elspeth (Artist); Pratt, Elspeth (Author); Privett, Molly (Artist); Privett, Molly (Author); Sabiston, Carole (Artist); Sabiston, Carole (Author); Serota, Phyllis (Artist); Serota, Phyllis (Author); Siebner, Herbert (Artist); Siebner, Herbert (Author); Sinats, Andy (Artist); Sinats, Andy (Author); Skelton, Robin (Artist); Skelton, Robin (Author); Snider, Greg (Artist); Snider, Greg (Author); Spreitz, Karl (Artist); Spreitz, Karl (Author); Stanbridge, Harry (Artist); Stanbridge, Harry (Author); Stanbridge, Ralph (Artist); Stanbridge, Ralph (Author); Sutherland, Roberta (Artist); Sutherland, Roberta (Author); Szekely, Barrie (Artist); Szekely, Barrie (Author); Thompson, Art (Artist); Thompson, Art (Author); Thorn, Anthony (Artist); Thorn, Anthony (Author); Tiessen, George (Artist); Tiessen, George (Author); Toresdahl, David (Artist); Toresdahl, David (Author); Travers-Smith, Brian (Artist); Travers-Smith, Brian (Author); Urban, Colette (Artist); Urban, Colette (Author); Vial, Yves (Artist); Vial, Yves (Author); Warnock, Betty (Artist); Warnock, Betty (Author); Wilkinson, Jack (Artist); Wilkinson, Jack (Author); Wilkinson, Joan (Artist); Wilkinson, Joan (Author); Wise, Jack (Artist); Wise, Jack (Author); Bovey, Patricia E. (Prefacer)
Collation: [200] p. : 85 ill. (40 col.) ; 15 x 20 cm
ISBN: 088885093X
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Victoria, BC: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Artists: Amos, Robert; Arnold, Mary; Baden, Mowry; Bates, Pat Martin; Bates, Maxwell; Brdar, Nick; Brener, Roland; Ciccimarra, Richard; Corte, Jim; Currelly, Judith; Curry, Gwen; Dairymple, Neil; Decastro, Robert; Dexter, Walter; Dobereiner, John; Douglas, Fred; Forrest, Nita; Gammon, Lynda; Gordaneer, James; Gore, Tom; Graham, Colin; Grison, Brian; Grove, Helga; Grove, Jan; Hamilton, Ron; Harvey, Donald; Hopper, Robin; Howarth, Glenn; Hunt, Calvin; Hunt, Henry; Hunt, Tony; Irwin, P.k.; Ituarte, Luis; Jensen, Leroy; Jorgensen, Flemming; Kelly, Kerry Joe; Kidder, Jack; Kyle, Joseph; Lansdowne, J. Fenwick; Lindsay, James; Lowe, Stephen; Mayhew, Elza; Merino, Luis; Morris, Michael; Morton, Douglas; Ogilvie, Mary-Lynn; Olsen, Lance; Pavelic, Myfanwy; Peterson, Margaret; Polkinghorne, Ted; Porteous, William; Pratt, Elspeth; Privett, Molly; Sabiston, Carole; Serota, Phyllis; Siebner, Herbert; Sinats, Andy; Skelton, Robin; Snider, Greg; Spreitz, Karl; Stanbridge, Harry; Stanbridge, Ralph; Sutherland, Roberta; Szekely, Barrie; Thompson, Art; Thorn, Anthony; Tiessen, George; Toresdahl, David; Travers-Smith, Brian; Urban, Colette; Vial, Yves; Warnock, Betty; Wilkinson, Jack; Wilkinson, Joan; Wise, Jack
Critics / Curators / Historians: Tuele, Nicholas
Art Organizations: Art Gallery Of Greater Victoria (Victoria)
Event Statement: Exhibition dates: 24 July - 5 Oct. 1986, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
Keywords: VICTORIA
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