Strange Scenes : Early Cape Dorset Drawings

Gustavison, Susan; Kingwatsiak, Iyola; Ashoona, Namoonai; Jaw, Melia; Quvianaktuliaq, Mayoreak; Petaulassie, Timangiak; Pudlat, Odlooreak; Quvavau, Akalayok; Qiatsuk, Lukta; Ashoona, Kiawak; Ashoona, Tumira; Ezekiel, Mary Ashevak; Mikkigak, Qaunaq; Onalik, Sorosoluto; Oshutsiaq, Omalluq; Oshutsiaq, Simeonie; Qatsiya, Qabaroak; Ragee, Anirnik; Ragee, Kuppapik B.; Ragee, Sakiassie; Tuqiqi, Papiarak and Netsiapik. Strange Scenes : Early Cape Dorset Drawings. Kleinburg, Ont.: McMichael Canadian Collection/La Collection McMichael d'art canadien, 1993.

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Abstract (English)

On the occasion of an exhibition of drawings by 39 Cape Dorset artists, Ryan (in an interview with Blodgett) reflects on the unusual and unique nature of the images produced in the late 1950s-early 1960s and the process of identifying the artists who produced them. Includes biographical notes compiled by Gustavison, quotations from interviews with the artists or their family and friends, and a map showing the location of campsites in the area. 37 bibl. ref.

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All Contributors: Ryan, Terry (Interviewee); Blodgett, Jean (Interviewer); Blodgett, Jean (Prefacer); Gustavison, Susan (Author); Kingwatsiak, Iyola (Author); Ashoona, Namoonai (Author); Jaw, Melia (Author); Quvianaktuliaq, Mayoreak (Author); Petaulassie, Timangiak (Author); Pudlat, Odlooreak (Author); Quvavau, Akalayok (Author); Qiatsuk, Lukta (Author); Ashoona, Kiawak (Artist); Ashoona, Kiawak (Author); Ashoona, Tumira (Artist); Ashoona, Tumira (Author); Ezekiel, Mary Ashevak (Artist); Ezekiel, Mary Ashevak (Author); Mikkigak, Qaunaq (Artist); Mikkigak, Qaunaq (Author); Onalik, Sorosoluto (Artist); Onalik, Sorosoluto (Author); Oshutsiaq, Omalluq (Artist); Oshutsiaq, Omalluq (Author); Oshutsiaq, Simeonie (Artist); Oshutsiaq, Simeonie (Author); Qatsiya, Qabaroak (Artist); Qatsiya, Qabaroak (Author); Ragee, Anirnik (Artist); Ragee, Anirnik (Author); Ragee, Kuppapik B. (Artist); Ragee, Kuppapik B. (Author); Ragee, Sakiassie (Artist); Ragee, Sakiassie (Author); Tuqiqi, Papiarak (Artist); Tuqiqi, Papiarak (Author); Netsiapik; Netsiapik
Dossier: 390 - McMICHAEL CANADIAN ART COLLECTION (Kleinburg, Ont.)
Collation: 128 p. : 87 ill. ; 22 x 26 cm
ISBN: 0777808382
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Kleinburg, Ont.: McMichael Canadian Collection/La Collection McMichael d'art canadien
Artists: Adla, Tye; Petaulassie, Timangiak; Parr, Eleeshushe; Osuitok, Nipisha; Ashoona, Kiawak; Ashoona, Ottohie; Ashoona, Samiak; Ashoona, Tumira; Ezekiel, Mary Ashevak; Jaw, Joe; Kingwatsiak, Pootoogook; Kingwatsiak, Mikigak; Kunu; Oodlooriak, Manning; Mikkigak, Qaunaq; Netsiapik; Onalik, Sorosoluto; Oshuitoq, Ningeeuga; Oshutsiaq, Omalluq; Oshutsiaq, Simeonie; Petaulassie, Aggeak; Pitseolak, Mary; Pootoogook, Tukikikuluk; Pudlat, Ningeoseak; Pudlat, Oshutsiak; Qatsiya, Qabaroak; QAYUARYUK, KOPAPIK "A"; Qayuaryuk, Mary; Ragee, Anirnik; RAGEE, KUPPAPIK "B"; Ragee, Sakiassie; Saggiak, Lissie; Tunnillie, Ikayukta; Tunnillie, Samuellie; Tunillie, Tayaraq; Tuqiqi, Papiarak; Natsiva; Sheouak; Tessiuktok
Art Organizations: Misc. Organizations > Mcmichael Canadian Art Collection (Kleinburg, Ont.)
Event Statement: Exhibition dates: 14 Mar. - 13 June 1993, McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Kleinburg).
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Date Deposited: 22 Nov 1994
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