Événement vidéos d'art 89-90 : Premier événement inter-universitaire (1er cycle) de la vidéo d'art organisé par l'UQAM, mai 1990

DuPont, Chantal and Côté, Mario and Brochu, Sylvain and Perron, Marc and Galipeau, Patrick and Schloesser, Gabrielle and Daigle, François and Raquer, Sylvie and Limoges, Lyette and Miron, Huguette and Bouchard, Denis and Beaudoin, Chrystian and Gosselin, Geoffroy and Collerette, Isabelle and Villeneuve, Joanne and Tremblay, Isabelle and Asselin, Marie-Claude and Arcand, Jean-Pierre and Mongrain, Serge and Faucher, Christine and Langevin, Claude and Beauchemin, Pierre and Boisclair, Luc and Bourassa, Nancy and Côté, Louise and Grégory, Stéphane and Rivalain, Yannick and Brière, Johanne and Guimond, Jean-Luc and Molotchnikoff, Nathalie and Garant, Manon and Langlois, Marc and Vennes, Luc and Presner, Kathy and St-Louis, Anick and Francoeur, Georges and Olivier, Nicole and Deslauriers, Suzanne and Tanguay, Lorraine and Trudel, Mona and Castegnier, Michelle and Chartrand, Isabelle and Kaprolat, Andrée and Voyer, Sarla and Bertrand, Alain and Degrâce, Dany and Henrie, Marie-France and Benoit, Alain and Hamel, André and Fauteux, Julie and Beaulieu, Monique and Côté, Nathalie and Adcock, Linda and Morneau, Martine and Ricard, Claude and Godcharles, Yves and Rimpau, Ina. Événement vidéos d'art 89-90 : Premier événement inter-universitaire (1er cycle) de la vidéo d'art organisé par l'UQAM, mai 1990. Montréal, Qc: s.n., 1990.

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46 accompagnant la présentation de vidéos d'art réalisés dans un cadre universitaire.

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All Contributors: DuPont, Chantal (Author); Côté, Mario (Author); Brochu, Sylvain (Artist); Brochu, Sylvain (Author); Perron, Marc (Artist); Perron, Marc (Author); Galipeau, Patrick (Artist); Galipeau, Patrick (Author); Schloesser, Gabrielle (Artist); Schloesser, Gabrielle (Author); Daigle, François (Artist); Daigle, François (Author); Raquer, Sylvie (Artist); Raquer, Sylvie (Author); Limoges, Lyette (Artist); Limoges, Lyette (Author); Miron, Huguette (Artist); Miron, Huguette (Author); Bouchard, Denis (Artist); Bouchard, Denis (Author); Beaudoin, Chrystian (Artist); Beaudoin, Chrystian (Author); Gosselin, Geoffroy (Artist); Gosselin, Geoffroy (Author); Collerette, Isabelle (Artist); Collerette, Isabelle (Author); Villeneuve, Joanne (Artist); Villeneuve, Joanne (Author); Tremblay, Isabelle (Artist); Tremblay, Isabelle (Author); Asselin, Marie-Claude (Artist); Asselin, Marie-Claude (Author); Arcand, Jean-Pierre (Artist); Arcand, Jean-Pierre (Author); Mongrain, Serge (Artist); Mongrain, Serge (Author); Faucher, Christine (Artist); Faucher, Christine (Author); Langevin, Claude (Artist); Langevin, Claude (Author); Beauchemin, Pierre (Artist); Beauchemin, Pierre (Author); Boisclair, Luc (Artist); Boisclair, Luc (Author); Bourassa, Nancy (Artist); Bourassa, Nancy (Author); Côté, Louise (Artist); Côté, Louise (Author); Grégory, Stéphane (Artist); Grégory, Stéphane (Author); Rivalain, Yannick (Artist); Rivalain, Yannick (Author); Brière, Johanne (Artist); Brière, Johanne (Author); Guimond, Jean-Luc (Artist); Guimond, Jean-Luc (Author); Molotchnikoff, Nathalie (Artist); Molotchnikoff, Nathalie (Author); Garant, Manon (Artist); Garant, Manon (Author); Langlois, Marc (Artist); Langlois, Marc (Author); Vennes, Luc (Artist); Vennes, Luc (Author); Presner, Kathy (Artist); Presner, Kathy (Author); St-Louis, Anick (Artist); St-Louis, Anick (Author); Francoeur, Georges (Artist); Francoeur, Georges (Author); Olivier, Nicole (Artist); Olivier, Nicole (Author); Deslauriers, Suzanne (Artist); Deslauriers, Suzanne (Author); Tanguay, Lorraine (Artist); Tanguay, Lorraine (Author); Trudel, Mona (Artist); Trudel, Mona (Author); Castegnier, Michelle (Artist); Castegnier, Michelle (Author); Chartrand, Isabelle (Artist); Chartrand, Isabelle (Author); Kaprolat, Andrée (Artist); Kaprolat, Andrée (Author); Voyer, Sarla (Artist); Voyer, Sarla (Author); Bertrand, Alain (Artist); Bertrand, Alain (Author); Degrâce, Dany (Artist); Degrâce, Dany (Author); Henrie, Marie-France (Artist); Henrie, Marie-France (Author); Benoit, Alain (Artist); Benoit, Alain (Author); Hamel, André (Artist); Hamel, André (Author); Fauteux, Julie (Artist); Fauteux, Julie (Author); Beaulieu, Monique (Artist); Beaulieu, Monique (Author); Côté, Nathalie (Artist); Côté, Nathalie (Author); Adcock, Linda (Artist); Adcock, Linda (Author); Morneau, Martine (Artist); Morneau, Martine (Author); Ricard, Claude (Artist); Ricard, Claude (Author); Godcharles, Yves (Artist); Godcharles, Yves (Author); Rimpau, Ina (Artist); Rimpau, Ina (Author)
Collation: 40 p. : 26 ill. ; 22 x 14 cm
Language of Publication: French
Publishers: Montréal, Qc: s.n.
Artists: Brochu, Sylvain; Perron, Marc; Galipeau, Patrick; Schloesser, Gabrielle; Daigle, François; Raquer, Sylvie; Limoges, Lyette; Miron, Huguette; Bouchard, Denis; Beaudoin, Chrystian; Gosselin, Geoffroy; Collerette, Isabelle; Villeneuve, Joanne; Tremblay, Isabelle; Asselin, Marie-Claude; Arcand, Jean-Pierre; Mongrain, Serge; Faucher, Christine; Langevin, Claude; Beauchemin, Pierre; Boisclair, Luc; Bourassa, Nancy; Coté, Louise; Grégory, Stéphane; Rivalain, Yannick; Briere, Johanne; Guimond, Jean-Luc; Molotchnikoff, Nathalie; Garant, Manon; Langlois, Marc; Vennes, Luc; Presner, Kathy; St-Louis, Anick; Francoeur, Georges; Olivier, Nicole; Deslauriers, Suzanne; Tanguay, Lorraine; Trudel, Mona; Castegnier, Michelle; Chartrand, Isabelle; Kaprolat, Andrée; Voyer, Sarla; Bertrand, Alain; Degrace, Dany; Henrie, Marie-France; Benoit, Alain; Hamel, André; Fauteux, Julie; Beaulieu, Monique; Coté, Nathalie; Adcock, Linda; Morneau, Martine; Ricard, Claude; Godcharles, Yves; Rimpau, Ina
Events: Événement Interuniversitaire De Création Vidéo (Montréal, Qc)
Event Statement: Événement présenté en 1990.
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Date Deposited: 20 May 1995
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URI: http://e-artexte.ca/id/eprint/9000
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