86 oeuvres de 32 artistes de la République Fédérale d'Allemagne

Grochowiak, Thomas and Abels, Jean and Bock, Ida and Dieckmann, Henry and Ellis, Vivian and Ennulat, Minna and Garde, Silvia and Gerlach, Friedrich and Hertmann, Karl and Klekawka, Franz and Kloss, Maria and Krauss, Gerlinde and Kreitmeir, Lisa and Kunert, Maja and Landsiedel-Eicken, Rosemarie and Lobel-Bock, Dorothea and Maeder, Karl and Odenthal, Eduard and Paps (Rusche, Waldemar) and Roth, Toni and Sohl, Manfred and Stapel, Rudolf and Wirth, Gunther and Geist, Hans-Friedrich and Valerius, Max and Vomel, Alex. 86 oeuvres de 32 artistes de la République Fédérale d'Allemagne. Stuttgart, Allemagne: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, 1981.

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All Contributors: Grochowiak, Thomas (Author); Abels, Jean (Artist); Abels, Jean (Author); Bock, Ida (Artist); Bock, Ida (Author); Dieckmann, Henry (Artist); Dieckmann, Henry (Author); Ellis, Vivian (Artist); Ellis, Vivian (Author); Ennulat, Minna (Artist); Ennulat, Minna (Author); Garde, Silvia (Artist); Garde, Silvia (Author); Gerlach, Friedrich (Artist); Gerlach, Friedrich (Author); Hertmann, Karl (Artist); Hertmann, Karl (Author); Klekawka, Franz (Artist); Klekawka, Franz (Author); Kloss, Maria (Artist); Kloss, Maria (Author); Krauss, Gerlinde (Artist); Krauss, Gerlinde (Author); Kreitmeir, Lisa (Artist); Kreitmeir, Lisa (Author); Kunert, Maja (Artist); Kunert, Maja (Author); Landsiedel-Eicken, Rosemarie (Artist); Landsiedel-Eicken, Rosemarie (Author); Lobel-Bock, Dorothea (Artist); Lobel-Bock, Dorothea (Author); Maeder, Karl (Artist); Maeder, Karl (Author); Odenthal, Eduard (Artist); Odenthal, Eduard (Author); Paps (Rusche, Waldemar) (Artist); Paps (Rusche, Waldemar) (Author); Roth, Toni (Author); Sohl, Manfred (Artist); Sohl, Manfred (Author); Stapel, Rudolf (Artist); Stapel, Rudolf (Author); Wirth, Gunther (Author); Geist, Hans-Friedrich (Author); Valerius, Max (Artist); Valerius, Max (Author); Vomel, Alex (Author)
Dossier: 390 - INSTITUT FUR AUSLANDSBEZIEHUNGEN (Stuttgart, Allemagne)
Collation: 74 p. : 65 ill. (33 en coul.) ; 20 x 20 cm
Language of Publication: French
Publishers: Stuttgart, Allemagne: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Artists: Abels, Jean; Bock, Ida; Bodecker, Erich; Dieckmann, Henry; Ellis, Vivian; Ennulat, Minna; Garde, Silvia; Gerlach, Friedrich; Grams, Erich; Grimmeisen, Franz Josef; Hertmann, Karl; Klekawka, Franz; Kloss, Maria; Krauss, Gerlinde; Kreitmeir, Lisa; Kunert, Maja; Landsiedel-Eicken, Rosemarie; Lobel-Bock, Dorothea; Maeder, Karl; Odenthal, Eduard; PAPS (Rusche, Waldemar); Raffler, Max; Schachl, Michael; Sohl, Manfred; Stapel, Rudolf; Stern, Emma; Thegen, Carl Christian; Trillhaase, Adalbert; Valerius, Max; Voigt, Frederike; Van WEERT, JAN; Wittlich, Josef
Art Organizations: Institut Fur Auslandsbeziehungen (Stuttgart, Allemagne)
Event Statement: Exposition probablement présentée en 1981, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Stuttgart).

Don de Normand Biron.

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