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Drouin-Brisebois, Josée and Edelstein, Susan and Mahon, Patrick and Suarez, Juan Luis. Barroco Nova : Neo-Baroque Moves in Contemporary Art. London, Ont.: ArtLab, The University of Western Ontario; London, Ont.: McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario; London, Ont.: Museum London, 2012.
Bitter, Sabine and Boddy, Trevor and Brown, Lindsay and Derksen, Jeff and Fujita, Mari and MacKinnon, J.b. and Smith, Alisa and Soules, Matthew and Weber, Helmut and Office for Soft Architecture and Urban Subjects (Collectif) and Vancouver Public Space. Manifestos : We : Vancouver. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Gallery, 2011.
Krasny, Elke and Nicholson, Cecily. Mapping the Everyday : Neighbourhood Claims for the Future. Vancouver, BC: Audain Gallery Simon Fraser University Woodward's, 2011.
Bitter, Sabine and Weber, Helmut and Derksen, Jeff and Blagojevic, Ljiljana and Eric, Zoran and Ronneberger, Klaus and Smith, Neil and Lefebvre, Henri and Urban Subjects (Collectif). Autogestion, or Henri Lefebvre in New Belgrade. Berlin Allemagne: Sternberg Press, 2009.
Hermant, Sydney and Avramescu, Octav and Dawes, Terence and Derksen, Jeff and Knox, Una and Laba, Robyn and O'Brian, Melanie and Pravicencu, Anamaria and Santizo, Igor and Sworn, Corin. D'Or : Notes on Collaboration. Vancouver, BC: Or Gallery, 2003.
DOSSIER: 353 - OR GALLERY (Vancouver)
Leopoldseder, Hannes and Schöpf, Christine and Barr-Watson, Pete and Sommerer, Christa and Robertson, Barbara and Hecker, Florian and Herrington, Tony and Humon, Naut and Wu, Hans and Aschauer, Michael and Deinhofer, Josef and Gusberti, Maia and Thönen, Nik and Gay, Jonathan and Jugovic, Alexandra and Schmitt, Florian and Reid, Harper and On, Josh and Kuthan, Peter and Bitter, Sabine and Schneider, Thomas and Weber, Helmut and Hung, Kenneth Tin-Kin and Lam, Francis and Lee, Elan and Rokeby, David and Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael and Makkuni, Ranjit and Courchesne, Luc and Jones, Crispin and Kuwabuko, Ryota and Levin, Golan and Mizuguchi, Tetsuya and Morawe, Volker and Reiff, Tilman and Saup, Michael and Suzuki, Yasuhiro and Tanaka, Atau and Toeplitz, Kasper and Hay, Young and Docter, Pete and Silverman, David and Unkrich, Lee and Stanton, Andrew and McDonald, Peter and Chida, Hiroshi and Nash, Erik and Holmgren, Lars Magnus and Wawszczyk, Wojtek and Watts, Jason and Yoshiura, Yasuhiro and Tone, Yasunao and Bergman, Aeron and Salinas, Alejandra and Roads, Curtis and Dumitrescu, Iancu and Avram, Ana-Maria and Haswell, Russell and Lopez, Francisco and Mesinai, Raz and Rosenfeld, Marina and Taanila, Mika and Von Hausswolff, Carl Michael and Wittwer, Stephan and Hummer, Karola and Luftensteiner, Philipp and Fallmann, Manuel and Gruber, Georg and Hamberger, Stephan and Jais, Dominik and Kogler, Marian and Kucera, Martin Jan Georg and Murr, Raphael and Reeh, Lucas and Schweinöster, Iris and Silvia and Weirather, René and Radical Software Group and It's Alive Mobile Games and schoernwissen and Autorenwerkstatt MEET and The Synthetic Character Group and BUF(F and Anticon and PXP and Goodiepal and Phoenicia and Sofa 23 and Projekt Dezentrale Medien and BIG XIX . CyberArts 2002. Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2002.
DOSSIER: 500 - ARS ELECTRONICA (Linz, Autriche)
EIKON : Internationale Zeitschrift für Photographie und Medienkunst = International Magazine for Photography and Media Art.: 9. Vienna, Autria: Austrian Institute of Photography and Media Art (Österreichisches Institut für Photographie und Medienkunst)