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Thériault, Normand and Pontbriand, Chantal and Ammann, Jean-Christophe and Michelson, Annette and Celant, Germano and Tisdall, Caroline and De Duve, Thierry. 03 23 03 : Premières rencontres internationales d'art contemporain, Montréal, 1977. Montréal, Qc: Médiart; s.l.: Parachute, 1977.
DOSSIER: 390 - MÉDIART (Montréal, Qc)
Hambleton, Richard and Crozier, Robin and Belon, Peter and Zack, David and Rehfeldt, Robert and De Jonge, Ko and Hoffberg, Judith A. and Dowd, John and Thompsay, Lowry and Miller, Joni and Tavenner, Patricia and Crowcroft, Ron and Carter, Paul and Banana, Anna and Guderna, Lad and Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille and Todorovic, Miroljub and Scott, Michael and Mappo, Rhoda and Spiegelman, Lon and Varney, Ed and Crane, Michael and Friedman, Ken and Cleveland, Buster and Larter, Pat and Colpitt, Francis and Carrion, Ulises and Duch, Leonhard F. and Maiden, Noemi. I. D.'s Mr ReeeeSearch Continued. s.l.: ID Press, 1970.