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Smart, Carolyn and Diamond, Sara and Hubbs, Joanna and Robinson, Gillian and De Guevara, Lina Ladron and Itter, Carole and Mathers, Ann and Poteet, Susan and Heinzweig, Helen and Smyth, Donna E. and Parr, Yvette and Kerner, Fred. Fireweed: 12. March. (1982).
Gore, Tom and Bowen, Robert and Cossette, Marie-Andrée and Jones, Laura and Krasniewkz, Louise and Kupka, Michael and Lavery, Brian and Meares, Lorran and Mertens, Robert and Schwartzman, Steven and Taylor, John and Wesley, John. The Stereo Show : An Invitational Exhibition Dealing with the Illusion of Three Dimensionality, Including Stereographs, Anaglyphs, Vectographs, Holograms and Polarized Slides. Victoria, BC: Open Space Gallery, 1982.
Tregebov, Rhea and Patterson, Janet and Benns, Susanna and Harrison, A.s.a. and Lushington, Kate and Klein, Yvonne and McCormack, Thelma and Kwinter, Kerri and Godfree, Pamela and Fraticelli, Rina and Hoffman, Edie and Gustafson, Linda and Rosenberg, Harriet and Forman, Freda and Maclennan, Joss and Parr, Yvette and Maclennan, Joss. Fireweed: 11. (1981).