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Tessier, Sophie and Gibouleau, André and Villeneuve, Claude and Buissières, Caroline and Vaillancourt, Armand and Lévesque, Mireille and Bouchard, André and Matte, Sébastien and Bouchard, Laurent and Venne, Linda and Mainville, Lucie-Charlotte and Morin, Manon and Baron, Nathalie and Proulx, Johanne and Isabelle, Louise and Jurkovich, Sébastien and Mousteli, Jean-Claude and Simard-D'Arc, Martine and Larue, Stéphane and Venne, Henri and Dunberry, Christian and Dagenais, Lorraine and Damie, Eve and Beaudet, Pascale and Trinque, France and Goggin, Kathleen and Paradis, Alain and Le Grand, Jean-Pierre and Zannélop. 55 peintres au 55 Prince : Les muses mutines. Montréal, Qc: Les Productions 5 sur 5, 1994.
DOSSIER: 330 - 55 PRINCE (Montréal)