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Brouillet, Hugues and Boucher, Flavie and Cady, Patrick and Poulin, Robert and Bisaillon, Jean-Robert. Attention : État Brut ! : Regards croisés sur l'art hors normes. Danville, Qc: Les Éditions Translucides / La Galerie des Nanas, 2017.
Beaudet, Pascale and Warren, Louise and Blais, Marie-Claire and Orenstein, Gloria Feman and Cotton, Sylvie. Exposition Art et littérature féministes. [Montréal, Qc]: [Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire], 1988.
Kibbins, Gary and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Campbell, Colin and Barber, Bruce and Christakos, Margaret and Paterson, Andrew James and McLeod, Kathy and Shaw, Nancy and Jeffries, Pat and McCormack, Thelma and Robertson, Clive and Diamond, Sara and Harry, Isobel and Adams, Don and Bean, Robert and Norman, Abigail and Sullivan, Joan and Waterson, Georgia and Yael, B. H. and Amis, Ric and The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. Fuse 11: 3. Fall. (1987).
Charron, François and Côté, Michel and Desjardins, Louise and Duval, André and Fortin, Célyne and Gagnon, Daniel and Gagnon, Jeanne and Gagnon, Madeleine and Giguère, Roland and Jasmin, Claude and Lefort, Suzanne-Jules and Meigs, Mary and Mc Murray, Line and Rajic, Négovan and Tanguay, Bernard and Vadeboncoeur, Pierre and Villemaire, Yolande and Tibo. Les écrivains s'illustrent. Montréal, Qc: Union des écrivains québécois, 1987.
DOSSIER: 330 - AUBES 3935 (Montréal)
Richmond, Norman Otis and Thompson, Joy and Newton-Moss, Janey and Sturman, Susan and Conde, Carole and Schelling, Gary and X, Millicent and Aylward, David and Diamond, Sara and Blaine, Ken and Kibbins, Gary and Lushington, Kate and Samuel, Julian and Cohen, Marion and Mason, Joyce and Garet, Stephen and Smith, George and Tucker, Kate and Cash, Martin and Smith, George. Fuse 7: 1 & 2. Summer. (1983).
Brady, Elizabeth and Woolsey, Lorette K. and MacDonald, Lyn and Shreve, Sandy and Amy, Janet M. and Glassco, Bill and Kiborr, Isobel and LeGras, Julie Anne and Waddell, C.k. and Ford, Pat and Fraticelli, Rina and Rule, Jane and Astman, Barbara and Fishman, Pamela and Rahm, Linda and Brady, Elizabeth and McLean, Anne and Julian, Marilyn and Steinberg, Janice and Marchessault, Jovette and Valverde, Mariana and Murray, Joan and Godard, Barbara and Wolfe, Susan J. and Nicol, Nancy and Brossard, Nicole and Boucher, Denise and Feral, Josette and Bayard, Carolyn and Henke, Suzette and Orenstein, Gloria and Blaubergs, Maija S. and Jean, Michèle. Fireweed: 5 & 6. Winter 1979/1980 and Spring 1980. (1980).
Agger, Ellen and Aubert, Rosemary and Brossard, Nicole and Duncan, Erika and Hauser, Gwen and Jenoff, Marvyne and Kirkwood, Hilda and Nicol, Nancy and Orenstein, Gloria and Spore, Margaret Dwight and Wales, Melody and Zimmerman, Susan. Fireweed: 1. Autumn. (1978).
Jobidon, Gilles and Artand, Azélie-Zee and Ayot, Pierre and Bégin Geoffrion, Ginette and Bergeron, Maurice and Campbell, Heather and Cecil, Ann and Chaîné, Francine and Giguère, Alain and Lindsay, Doreen and Marchessault, Jovette and Ste-Marie, Richard and Sansoucy, Michel and Tremblay, Denys and Waquant, Michèle and Weller, Nina and Cozic. Tactile. Québec, Qc: Musée du Québec, 1978.
Thériault, Normand and Lesage, Pierre and Tremblay-Chamberland, Nicole. Les moins de 35. Montréal, Qc: Médiart, 1973.
DOSSIER: 500 - MOINS DE 35, Les (Montréal, Québec, Trois-Rivières, Qc)