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Barré-Despond, Arlette and Welger, Corinne and Hissard, Jean-René and Dougier, Henry and Molyneux, Maud and Faucon, Bernard and Chion, Michel and Bokanowski, Patrick and Terrasse, Jean-Marc and Poizot, Claude and Coquillat, Michèle and Quilès, Yvonne and Younan, Sonia and Vayssère, Laurence and Fillion, Odile and Avérous, Pierre and Avila, Alin Alexis and Olivier, Philippe and Benoit, Pierre and Merlant, Philippe and Rausch, Catherine and Chancel, Jules and Castello, Martine and Lépinay, Michel and Bellido, Ramon Tio and De Gaudemar, Antoine and Decoust, Michèle and Kaepplin, Olivier and Raillard, Georges and De Montremy, Jean-Maurice and Belloir, Dominique and Courtine, Robert and Chiquelin, Jean-Jacques and Seisser, Jean and Jeudy, Henri-Pierre and Piguet, Philippe and Fajardie, Frédéric H. and Willooghby, Dominique and Duloup, Dolly and Boissière, Olivier and Elhadad, Lydia and Sfez, Lucien and Association pour la diffusion des arts plastiques. Les créateurs : Arts, sciences et technologies. Paris, France: Autrement, 1983.