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Ehmke, Ronald; Metz, Don; Adams, Bruce; Dusel, Donna Jordan; Lafond, Jody; Basinski, Michael; High, Kathy; Cappellazzo, Amy; Schwonke, Matthew; Denson, Roger D.; Bannon, Anthony; Treible, Judy; Hryvniak, Joe; Clough, Charles; Cathcart, Linda; Brooks, Linda; Griffis, Jack; Zwack, Michael; Howell, George; Sherman, Cindy; Acconci, Vito; Burden, Chris; Noble, Kevin; Judkins, Gary; Lundy, Larry; Crowther, Hal; Willig, Nancy Tobin; Henrich, Biff; Fix, Kevin; Maggiotto, John; Lary, Debra S.; Tucker, Marcia; Currie, William; Zimmer, William; Rickey, Carrie; High, Kathy. Consider the Alternatives : 20 Years of Contemporary Art at Hallwalls. Buffalo, NY: Hallwalls, 1996.
DOSSIER: 360 - HALLWALLS (Buffalo, NY)
Buchloh, Benjamin H.D.. Essais historiques II : Art contemporain. Villeurbanne, France: Art édition, 1992.
Brooks, Rosetta; Collins, Tricia; Milazzo, Richard; Hilliard, John; Indiana, Gary; Mueller, Cookie; Rattray, David; Squiers, Carol; Taubin, Amy; Tillman, Lynne. Thought Objects. Buffalo, NY: CEPA; New York, NY: s.n., 1987.
DOSSIER: 360 - CEPA (Buffalo, NY)
Ritchie, Christina; Gale, Peggy; Bronson, A A. Evidence of the Avant Garde Since 1957 : Selected Works from the Collection of Art Metropole Including Audiotapes, Records, Videotapes, Film, Multiples, Kitsch, Manuscripts, Stamps, Buttons, Flyers, Posters, Correspondence, Catalogues, Porn, T-Shirts, Postcards, Drawings, Poems, Mailers, Books, Photographs and Ephemera. Toronto, Ont.: Art Metropole, 1984.
DOSSIER: 390 - ART METROPOLE (Toronto, Ont.)
Maubant, Jean-Louis; Cragg, Tony; Buren, Daniel; Besson, Christian. Le Nouveau Musée : Forage off shore dans la région lyonnaise. Limoges, France: NDLR; Villeurbanne, France: Éditions Charles Le Bouil, 1982.