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Raspail, Thierry and Bertrand, Anne and Chapoulie, Jean-Marc and Millet, Catherine and Henric, Jacques and Dreyfus, Laurence and Codognet, Philippe and De Barros, Manuela and Robert, Richard and Walter, Guy and Sauvage, Jean-Baptiste and Marnas, Laure and Dieutre, Vincent and Labarthe, André S. and Albert, Pierre and Bernstrup, Tobias and Berrettini, Marco and Bulloch, Angela and Cadet, Valérie and Ouazan, Paul and Juy, Sébastien and Burdeau, Emmanuel and Cunningham, Merce and Quintin, François and Hersche, Klaus and Cuenat, Philippe and Stroun, Fabrice and Boutruche, Samuel and Moreau, Benjamin and Partrige, Colin and Le Roy, Xavier and Manetas, Miltos and Fisher, Jennifer and Drobnik, Jim and Jeudy, Patrick and Self, Will and Pooley, Simon and Suermondt, Robert and Tordjman, Gilles and Vasseur, Catherine and Pain, François and Russell, John and Yanagi, Miwa and Atari-Noise. Biennale de Lyon art contemporain : Connivence 2001, prélude à 2003. Lyon, France: Biennale de Lyon; Paris, France: s.n., 2001.