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Chang, Tsong-zung and Xianting, Li and Ho Hing-Kay, Oscar and Sullivan, Michael and Shou-chien, Shih and Shaojun, Lang and Xiaochun, Liu and Jose, Nicholas and Ying, Yi and Barmé, Geremie and Wen, Liao and Dawei, Fei and Dal Lago, Francesca and Hantover, Jeffrey and Wear, Eric and Guangyi, Wang and Youhan, Yu and Shan, Li and Jianyi, Geng and Shanzhuan, Wu and Yongqing, Ye and Ziwei, Wang and Mengbo, Feng and Hao, Hong and Dahong, Liu and Jian, Ren and Guangqing, Wei and Wei, Guan and Youshen, Wang and Zhijie, Qiu and Haifeng, Ni and Xiaogang, Zhang and Fang, Ding and Xiaowan, Xia and Dehai, Pan and Chunya, Zhou and Xuhui, Mao and Fang, Lijun and Wei, Liu and Jingsong, Wang and Xiaodong, Liu and Haizhou, Xin and Sen, He and Peili, Zhang and Fanzhi, Zeng and Dexin, Gu and Yonghong, Song and Yongjian, Zhang and Xiatong, Shen and Jin, Cai and Jianwei, Wang and Wei, Guo and Xian, Ah and Song, Tang and Lu, Xiao and Wenda, Gu and Bing, Xu and Shengzhong, Lu and New Analysts Group, The and Qin, Shen and Yang, Shang and Chuan, Wang and Ming, Liu and Anming, Xu and Yi, Ding and Jianguo, Sui and Zhongwang, Fu. China's New Art, Post-1989. Hong Kong: Hanart TZ Gallery, 1993.
Selz, Peter and Cook, Katherine and Gu, Wenda and Martin, Maureen. Gu Wenda : 2000 Natural Deaths. San Francisco, CA: Hatley Martin Gallery, 1990.