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Sage, Elspeth. Ciao Da Vancouver : Portraits of a City : Jamie Dolinko, Brian Howell, Henry Tsang, Paul Wong, Sharyn A. Yuen. Vancouver, BC: On Edge, 2006.
DOSSIER: 390 - ON EDGE (Vancouver, BC)
Love, Karen and Sherrin, Bob and Blaser, Robin and Browne, Colin and Compton, Wayde and Cone, Tom and Gingras, Nicole and Grenville, Bruce and Henry, Kate and Hunter, Robert and Jungen, Brian and Keziere, Russell and Magor, Liz and Miki, Roy and Milroy, Sarah and O'Brian, John and Pakasaar, Helga and Pethick, Jerry and Rhodes, Richard and Roy, Marina and Sawyer, Carol and Tsang, Henry and Turner, Michael and Warland, Betsy and Wong, Paul and Wong, Rita and Laiwan. Facing History : Portraits from Vancouver. North Vancouver, BC: Presentation House Gallery; Vancouver, BC: s.n., 2002.
Thom M., Ian. Art BC : Masterworks from British Columbia. Vancouver, BC: Douglas & McIntyre; Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Gallery, 2000.
Stallabrass, Julian and Broekman, Pauline van Mourik and Ratnam, Niru and Musgrave, David and Cadwallader, Helen and Alteen, Glenn and Bonaventura, Paul and Murphy, Gavin and Patrizio, Andrew and Suchin, Peter. Locus Solus : Site, Identity, Technology in Contemporary Art. London, England: Black Dog Publishing, 2000.
DOSSIER: 390 - LOCUS + (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grande-Bretagne)
Gagnon, Monika Kin and Brown, Lorna and Edelstein, Susan. Other Conundrums : Race, Culture and Canadian Art. Vancouver, BC: Arsenal Pulp Press; Kamloops, BC: Artspeak Gallery, 2000.
Robertson, Lisa. Manifeste pour une architecture douce = Soft Architecture : A Manifesto. Montréal, Qc: Dazibao; Vancouver, BC: s.n., 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - DAZIBAO (Montréal)
Randolph, Jeanne and Archambault, Marc and Sawchuk, Kim and Tomas, David and Bavcar, Evgen. Pratiques déviantes. Montréal, Qc: Dazibao, 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - DAZIBAO (Montréal)
Hickox, April. Personal Stories : An Exhibition of Photography, Film and Video. Toronto, Ont.: Gallery 44, 1998.
DOSSIER: 351 - GALLERY 44 (Toronto)
Angus, Jennifer and Nakano, Emiko and Yuen, Sharyn. Traces of Time : Emiko Nakano and Sharyn Yuen. Toronto, Ont.: The Museum for Textiles, 1997.
Herbert, Simon and Morgan, Stuart and Cadwallader, Helen and Little, Mark and Jordan, John and Modhowka, Ray and Sage, Elspeth and Biswas, Sutapa and Plunkett, Daniel and Bonaventura, Paul and Mornley, David and Martin, Rosy and Coyle, Damien and Baerwaldt, Wayne and White, Mo and Sedgwick, Eve and Otto, Susan and Wainwright, Chris and Hunt, Ian and Power, Andrew and Ponton, Ben and Mill Joanne. Locus +, 1993-1996. Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Locus +, 1996.
DOSSIER: 390 - LOCUS + (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grande-Bretagne)
Arnold, Grant and Gagnon, Monika and Jensen, Doreen and Haraldsson, Arni and Lawrence, Donald and Lee, J.j. and Mollineaux, Melinda and Wherry, Cathi Charles and Bolton, Rena Point and Diesing, Freda and Hamilton, Ron and Heit, Chuck and Marshall, Teresa and Mowatt, Ken and Point, Susan A. and Rivet, Rick James and Rorick, Isabel and Sparrow, Debra. Topographies : Aspects of Recent B.C. Art. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Gallery, 1996.
Bellerby, Greg. Vancouver Perspective. Yokohama, Japan: Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, 1996.
Frame, Allen and Büchler, Pavel and Williams, Val. Fotofeis '95 : International Festival of Photography in Scotland. Edinburgh, Scotland: Fotofeis, 1995.
DOSSIER: 500 - FOTOFEIS (Édimbourg, Grande-Bretagne)
Sage, Elspeth and Maestro, Lani and Wong, Paul and Tsang, Henry and Yuen, Sharyn and Locus +. Feng Shui/Wind Water : Lani Maestro, Paul Wong, Henry Tsang, Sharyn Yuen. Vancouver, BC: On Edge; Newcastle upon Tyne, England: s.n., 1994.
DOSSIER: 390 - ON EDGE (Vancouver, BC)
Baert, Renee. Margins of Memory : Rebecca Belmore, Marlene Creates, Sarindar Dhaliwal, Wyn Geleynse, Jan Peacock, Jin-me Yoon, Sharyn Yuen. Windsor, Ont.: Art Gallery of Windsor, 1994.
Cadwallader, Helen and Wilson, Louise and Little, Mark and Gibson, Lloyd and Jordan, John and Haywood, Mark and Sage, Elspeth and Biswas, Sutapa and Stitt, André and Plunkett, Daniel and Bonaventura, Paul and Newling, John and Manley, David and Tracy, Virgil and Hill, Joanne. Vade Mecum : A Compendium of New Art. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England: Locus +, 1994.
DOSSIER: 390 - LOCUS + (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grande-Bretagne)
Greenberg, Lorne and Berelowitz, Lance and Schuppli, Susan and Laurence, Robin and Alibhai, Amir Ali and Jamal, Sherazad and Mackenzie, Robert and Gibson, Rick and Derennger, Wendy and Varney, Ed and Abbott, Jennifer and Alexander, Vikky and Altshool, Janet and Andersen, Glen and Anderson, King and Aranas, Flois and Arnston, Carole and Ash, Brent and Atkins, Terryl and Atkinson, Judith M. and Baden, Mowry and Bak, Polly and Banwell, Michael and Baun, Patricia and Beaton, Pat and Benjamin, Keith and Benton, Fran and Bontogon, Eric and Bootsma, Margaretha and Boutin, Marc and Bowcott, Marcus and Bowden, Gary and Bowen, Tom and Boyle, Gwen and Brener, Roland and Burke, Paul and Burrows, Tom and Cacchioni, Dianne Brehm and Campbell, Eva and Campbell, Kati and Carl, James and Carroll, Michael and Carscadden, Bruce and Chapman, Liese and Chiba, Taiga and Chin, Giles and Chinfen, Linda and Chrzan, Lil and Clark, Rodney and Coulter, Wendy (artist and author Lewington) and De Courcy, Michael and Corris-Wingfield, C. and Creighton-Kelly, Chris and Dahlin, Corinna and Dancer, Yaana and Davies, Alan and Davis, Todd and Decker, Ken and Delano, Lina and Dextras, Nicole and Dikeakos, Christos and Doucette, Lionel and Dubord, Monique and Edelstein, Susan and Ellingsen, Daniel and Ewasiuk, Terry and Falk, Gathie and Field, Dorothy and Flank, Gene and Flemons, Tom and Foo, Khai and Fraser, Peter and Frimer, Linda and Gallant, Illarion and Gallagher, Chris and Gerberick, Ken and Germann, Kristine and Gill, Ameen and Grady, Mark and Graff, Tom and Grauer, Sherry and Greig, Barbara and Xiong, Gu and Gustafson, Anna and Haggquist, Gary and Haley, Brian and Hall, Sandra and Hall, Sheila and Hannan, Eleanor and Harding, David and Harel, Rona and Von Harpe, Gabriele and Hartley, Ray and Heap, Verity and Henley, Joy and Hickey, Suzo and Ho, George and Hohlweg, Brent and Holman, Shaira and Holy Body Tattoo, The and Horne, Bill and Jeannotte, Ken and Jones, Lizard and Judge, Jennifer Timbrell and Judge, Michael and Kaczor, Tiana and Kalnin, Jim and Kalynka, Darlene and Kang, Won and Kaplan, Nomi and Kazmer, Karen and Keddy, Karen and Kellhammer, Oliver and Kennedy, Marie and Kennedy, Patrick and Kidd, Davida and Koch, Laura and Koenker, Deborah and Kortikow, Kathleen and Kulpas, Dennis and Lang, Paul and Langlands, Bryan and Laq, Laura Wee Lay and Leader, Eve and Lee, Erik and Littlechild, George and Logie, Faye and Longboy, Zachery and Lytle, Donna and McCreery, William and McCutcheon, George and McNab, Anthony and Macrae, Jean and Madsen, Susan and Mahon, Patrick and Mair, Donald and Mancuso, Michael and Maryne, Tracie and Massé, Gloria and Massey, Eliza Ann and Maté, Rae and Mehat, Sur and Metz, Valerie and Metcalfe, Stephen and Mitchell, Jay and Mitchell, Keith and Moiseiwitsch, Carel and Mollineaux, Melinda and Mootoo, Shani and Morris, Cheryl and Morrison, Jean and Mott, Terrence and Mowat, Fiona and Mulvihill, Bryan and Muzylowski, Jodi and Muzylowski, Shelley and Nakashima, Lynda and Neel, David and Nguyen, Nhan Duc and Normoyle, Michelle and Nunes, Rui and Odhiambo, David and Okano, Haruko and Owen, Don and Owen, Holly and Pagurek, Cheryl and Pan, Davide and Papou, Laurie and Payne, Gordon and Perchal, Paul and Piccolo, Rick and Pitch, Marcia and Point, Susan and Pratt, Elspeth and Price, Judie and Prince, Richard and Qun, Zhang and Radlowski, Steven and Radul, Judy and Rammell, George and Ramsey, Ellen and Raphanel, Philippe and Rennie, Bill and Rice, Chick and Rich, Celine and Rivet, Rick and Romses, Scott and Roth, Evelyn and Ryon, Gayle and Samwald, Elaine and Sandowicz, Wiktor and Schmidt, Marianna and Scott, Brian and Scott, Douglas and Scott, Graham and Seaton, Paula and Senaratne, Shamina and Serota, Phyllis and Seymour, Kate and Shilling, Grant and Sibley, Craig and Sinclair, Jamie and Slipper, Paul and Snider, Greg and Slater, Anne-Marie and Sopotiuk, D.m. and Speier, Michael Tora and Spicer, Todd and Stefanyshen, Earl and Switzer, Allan and Taylor, Doug and Terada, Ron and Thompson, Diana and Tosi, Octavia and Tracy, Liane and Trattles, David and Treacy, Patrick and Upton, Katherine Yoshiko and Vaasjo, Anne and Wade, Jan and Wakayama, Tamio and Walton, Patricia and Wapp, Judy and Watts, John and weaving, jil p. and Webster, John B. and Weinberg, Mia and Whelan, Dianne and Westlaken, Shawn and Williams, Mandy and Wong, Joyce and Wood, Angelique and Woods, Chris and Izynska-Woodward, Aniela and Yamabe, Sachi and Yaworski, Jill and Yee, Kiki and Yoon, Jin-me and Young, Robert and Yuen, Sharyn and Yun, Su-An and Yuxweluptun, Lawrence Paul and Zimmer, Andrea and Zeidler, Frank and Lederer, Niki and Bonifacho and Crosstown and Inbred and Kinichi and Mehb and 12 Midnite and Oraf and Sawan and Squamish Sea-Going Society and Staying Clean Collective and Webb and World AIDS Group B.C.. Artropolis 93 : Public Art and Art About Public Issues. Vancouver, BC: A.T. Eight Artropolis Society, 1993.
DOSSIER: 500 - ARTROPOLIS (Vancouver, BC)
Gagnon, Monika. Dual Cultures. Kamloops, BC: Kamloops Art Gallery, 1993.
Tsang, Henry and Chang, Heesok and Ho, Rosa and Lee, Karin and Chang, Ana and Li, Diana and Wong, Mary Sui-Yee and Wong, Paul and Yee, Kiri and Yuen, Sharyn. Self Not Whole : Cultural Identity & Chinese-Canadian Artists in Vancouver. Vancouver, BC: The Chinese Cultural Centre, 1991.
Wong, Paul and Gagnon, Monika and Fung, Richard and Lai, Larissa and Lum, Jean and Chan, Anthony and Onodera, Midi. Yellow Peril Reconsidered : Photo, Film, Video. Vancouver, BC: On Edge, 1990.
DOSSIER: 390 - ON EDGE (Vancouver, BC)
Hurtig, Annette and Wallace, Ian and Watson, Scott and Holmes, Willard and Banana, Anna and Barling, Marion and Davis, Todd A. and Hagerman, Donna and Vander Zaag, Elizabeth and Varty, Alex. Artropolis : Exhibition of Contemporary British Columbia Art. Vancouver, BC: Artropolis, 1987.
DOSSIER: 500 - ARTROPOLIS (Vancouver, BC)