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Colbert, François and Colbert, François and Mitchell, Clare and Schafer, Paul and Evrard, Yves and Kelly, Robert F. and Abbé-Decarroux, François and Bohlin, Magnus and Hanefors, Monica and Duhaime, Carole and Soren, Barbara J. and Williams, Robert J. and Allaire, André and Felton, Marianne Victorius and Holgerson, Ronald and Kurabayashi, Yoshimasa and Leonard, James and Schroer, Jan and Pronovost, Gilles and Chéron, Emmanuel and Bissonnette, Carole and Gagnon, Gilbert and Lena, Hyacinthe and Nemoto, Chobei and Kyogikai, Kigyo Mecenat and Peeters, Leo J. and Van Den Dorpe, Guy F.M. and Verlinden, Marc F.J.M. and Benghozi, Pierre-Jean and Bayart, Denis and Nantel, Jacques and Stanford, John D. and Battaglia, Valérie and Moguel, Béatrice and Pelliciari, André and Chiapello, Eve and Karlis, George and Lithopoulos, Savvas and Laplante, Benoît and Boisvert, Hugues and Brault, Simon and Singer, Leslie P. and Stanford, Leone F. and Stanford, Jon D. and Allard, Michel and Boucher, Suzanne and Bonnar, Anne and Farrell, L.m. and Kesten, Myles and Levin, Kathi R. and Stentrom, Emma and Kobayashi, Susumu and Lapierre, Laurent and Ludwig, Linda and Martin, Brian and Roodhouse, Simon and Mitchell, Brian G. and Novotny, Oskar and Vistarini, Sergio and Dorais, Léo A. and Piperno, Stefano and Blary, Réjane and Brosio, Giorgio and Santagata, Walter and Tremblay, Denys. Première conférence internationale sur la gestion des arts = First International Conference on Arts Management. Montréal, Qc: École des Hautes Études Commerciales, Chaire de gestion des arts; Waterloo, Ont.: s.n., 1992.