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Bayon, Damian and Medina, Alvaro and Pontual, Roberto and Artaud, Antonin and Rivera, Diego and Kahlo, Frida and Char, René and Glissant, Édouard and Lemoine, Serge and Rowell, Margit and Torres-Garcia, Joaquin and Van Doesburg, Théo and De Maistre, Agnès and Rothfuss, Rhod and Restany, Pierre and Cruz-Diez, Carlos and Le Parc, Julio and Sabic, Sara and Paz, Octavio and Del Conde, Teresa and Anaya, Jorge Lopez and Pellegrini, Aldo and Traba, Marta and Morales, Armando and De Birbragher, Celia S. and De Mandiargues, André Pyere and Jouffroy, Alain and Krajcberg, Frans and Moldoveanu, Mihail and Soffer, Lena and Grumbach, Antoine and da Silva Pereira, Margareth and Mierop, Caroline and Vayssière, Pierre and Acosta, Miguel Alvarez and Derouet, Christian and Fauchereau, Serge and Kalenberg, Angel and Carelli, Mario and dos Santos, Cécilia Rodriguez and De Andrade, Oswald and Cendrars, Blaise and Waldemar, George and Gradowczyk, Mario H. and Carpentier, Alejo and Otero, Alejandro and Tibol, Raquel and Siqueiros, David Alfaro and Debray, Régis and Meyer, Hannes and Aragon, Louis and Schweisguth, Claude and Debroise, Olivier and Matta and Soto. Art d'Amérique latine, 1911-1968. Paris, France: Centre Georges Pompidou, 1992.