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Harris, Pamela; Miles, Angela; Tynes, Maxine; Morrigan, Jane; Blackbridge, Persimmon; Birch, Darlene; Mifflen, Trisha; Weintraub, Lisa; Heillig, Leona; Murphy, Hannah; Whitson, Theresa; Kine, Bea; Bersianik, Louky; Braid, Kate; Marchand, Judy; Yeo, Marian; Ridington, Jillian; Walsh, Elisabeth Cusack; Bear, Shirley; Franklin, Ursula; Davis, Judy; Daley, June; Pictou County Women's Centre, The; Christiansen-Ruffman, Linda; Eichler, Margrit; Duggan, Diane; Dauphin, Monique; Fernie, Lynne; Shannon, Esther; Leslie, Pat; Baxter, Betty; Purdy, Kris; Bishop, Heather; Finson, Shelley; Belleau, Janick; Coulter, Rebecca Priegert; Murray, Cindy; Parent, Madeleine; Morin, Sky Blue Mary; Diamond, Sara; Johnson, Eunadie; Simand, Harriet; Simand, Shirley; Williams, Wendy; Spillett, Leslie; Jackman, Nancy; Zaremba, Eve; O'Brien, Mary; Laing, Marie; Meister, Joan; Masuda, Shirley; Braundy, Marcia; MacPherson, Kay; Jones, Cathy; MacPherson, Mary; Mazerolle, Yvel; Roberts, Anita; Ralph, Diana; Schmidt, Linda; Moisan, Lise; Porter, Helen Fogwill; Bailey, Gerry; Aulotte, Philomena; Carlson, Nelly; Margetts, Jenny; Miles, Angela; Clark, Chris; Brossard, Nicole; Geltner, Gail; Livesay, Dorothy and Mothers United for Metro Shelter (MUMS); Nellie's Hostel for Women; The Canadian Abortion Rights; Action League (CARAL); The Birth Controle and VD Information Centre; The Croneys; Four the Moment; Power; The Quebec Immigrant Women's Collective; Making the Connections; The Raging Grannies; Tamarack; Mountain; Crossroads for Women/Carrefour pour femmes; Le point de ralliement des femmes haïtiennes; Cook Margaret; The Regina Transition Women's Society; Girls are People (GAP); Women's Support Group. Faces of Feminism : Portraits of Women Across Canada, with Words by the Women Portrayed. Toronto, Ont.: Second Story Press, 1992.