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Guitart I Agell, Joan and Balsells, David and Mondéjar, Publio Lopez and Durand, Régis and Picazo, Gloria and Formiguera, Pere and Ribas i Prous, Josep Maria and Cruanas, Josep and Valdivieso, Mercedes and Helguera, Lucia Rivas and Daho, Martha and Abad, Francesc and Millet, Joaquim Ruiz and Alcala, José R. and Godoy, A. and Barès, Pierre and Schneider, Peter P. and Puigverd, Antoni and Misselbeck, Reinhold and Garcia, J. Maimol and Cardenal, A. Molinero and Pujol, Pep and Pi, Avelino and Clemente, Manuel and Peran, Marti and Teerlinck, Hilde and Nollayatta, Francesca and Gonzalez, Laura and Chicharro, Roberto and Belver, Jordi and Armendariz, Lola and Delgado, Manuel and Ferro, Josep and Zelich, Cristina and Vercheval, Georges and Llop i Torné, Carles and Rodes, Salvador and Miret, Josep Juanpere and Llado i Mor, Cristina and Martinez, Rosa and Sunyol, Victor and Ribot, Domènec and Freixa, Ferran and Gili, Marta and Manzano, Emilio and Pol, Jordi and Shommer, Alberto and Candel, Francisco and Ponce, Juan Bernal and Giono, Jean and Serrano, Sebastian and Domènech, Francesc and Fontcuberta, Joan and Gabriel. 8a Primavera Fotogràfica 1996. Barcelona, Spain: Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura, 1996.
Becker, Wolfgang and Froment, Jean-Louis and Barès, Pierre and Berger, Katrin and Dewaele, Daniel and Dijkers, Ruud and Fischer, Lili and Freese, Peter and Gadenne, Bertrand and Gerbaud, Jean-Louis and Krings, Herbert and Martin, François and Moritz, Gerd and Nettesheim, Peter and Odenbach, Marcel and Palm, Wolfram and Pecheur, Anne-Marie and Salomon, Claude and Roosenschoon, Arend and Coulange, Alain. Aachen : Die Grenze = Aix-la-Chapelle : La frontière. Bad Honnef, Allemagne: L'Office franco-allemand de la jeunesse, 1978.