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Rose, Barbara and Kalil, Susie and Alexander, John and Alison, Kelly and Beeman, Malinda and Bettison, James and Biggers, John and Boshier, Derek and Boynton, Jack and Brigham, Joanne and Cantu, Margarita Rivera and Cronin, Patrick and Davila, Atanacio and DeLude, Jeff and Dugan, Chuck and Espada, Ibsen and Garza, Luis Fernando and Glasco, Joseph and Hood, Dorothy and Hoover, Ron and House, Perry and Jalapeeno, Jimmy and Johnson, Lucas and Kellough, Jimmy and Kopriva, Sharon and Lesser, Craig and Long, Bert and Luna, Bert and McCoy, Robert and Miller, Melissa and Oliver, Kermit and Poag, Jim and Poulos, Basilios and Robertson, Jim and Russell, Laura and Samples, Bert and Schorre, Charles and Stack, Gael and Staley, Earl and Stites, Sara and Stout, Richard and Thompson, Richard and Utterback, Robin. Freshpaint : The Houston School. Houston, TX: Museum of Fine Arts, 1985.
Surls, James and Alexander, John and Barnstone, Gertrude and Boyton, Jack and Bunker, George and Camblin, Bob and Carl, Gary H. and Casas, Mel and Chambers, Nancy and Chin, Mel and Cooper, Rochella and Crow, Carol and Davis, Frank and Barsotti, Dan and Biggers, John and Blackburn, Ed and Block, Gay and Bott, H.j. and Davis, Lee Baxter and Dozier, Otis and Eldredge, Letitia and Feehan, Andy and Fisher, Vernon and Folkman, David E. and Fowler, Mel and Freed, Frank and Fridge, Roy and Garza, Carmen Lomas and Glatt, Linnea and Green, George T. and Gummelt, Sam and Harris, Roberta and Havis, C. Kenneth and Hill, James and Hill, Rocky and Hollis, E. Michael and Hood, Dorothy and Hoover, Ronald A. and Jimenez, Luis and Johnson, Lucas and Johnson, Harvey L. and Kaldis, Stephanie and Koch, Jeanne Mason and Kostiuk, Michael Marion Jr. and Krause, George and La Selle, Toni and Lennon, Lynn and Levers, Robert and Locke, Charmaine and Lott, Jesse and Love, Jim and Malone, James and Manns, Suzanne M. and Martinez, Cesar and Maxwell, Rick and McManaway, David and Nunn, Ancel E. and Paul, Suzanne and Poulos, Basilios and Pulido, Guillermo Z. and Randolph, Lynn M. and Renteria, Philip and Rivera, Jose L. and Rodriguez, Joe and Roth, Gary and Sams, R. Anastasia and Scholder, Laurence and Schiwetz, E.M. "Buck" and Simms, Carroll Harris and Stack, Gael and Staley, Earl and Stewart, Hannah and Surls, Linda and Sween, Trudy and Taylor, Linda Ridgway and Thomas, James Michael and Tindall, Gerry and Topek, Toby and Truan, George and Vela, Juan B. and Verhelst, W. and Wade, Robert S. and Walton, Susan B. and Whitney, Mac and Winter, Roger and Woitena, Ben and Wray, Dick. Fire! : An Exhibition of 100 Texas Artists. Houston, TX: Contemporary Arts Museum, 1979.