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Charbonneau, Jacques and Boissonnet, Philippe and Brunet-Weinmann, Monique and Canales, Fernando N. and Urbons, Klaus and Biagini, Jean and Ayot, Pierre and Fiset, Jocelyn and Fournier, Pierre and Garneau, Richard and Gasoi, Marvin and Gauthier-Mitchell, Louisette and Heller, Elisabeth and Kierspel, Jürgen and Krausz, Peter and Langlois, Serge and Lau, Tim-Yum and Leblanc, Pierre and Lemoyne, Serge and Malo, Denis and Marcil, Joseph and Martineau, Michel and Mühleck, Georg and Rauch, Barbara and Readman, Sylvie and Rousseau, Denis and Stirneman, M. Vanci and Thézé, Ariane and Tousignant, Serge and Dostie, Pierre. Copies non conformes : Artistes en résidence, 1987-1991. Montréal, Qc: Centre Copie-Art, 1992.
Arbour, Rose Marie and Lamy, Suzanne and Guay, Diane and Foisy, Suzanne and Lamoureux, Johanne and Saint-Gelais, Thérèse and Dubreuil-Blondin, Nicole and Dallier, Aline and Abbott, Louise and Bernatchez, Elise and Bilodeau, Louise and Boudreau, Marik and Brochu, Andrée and Coulombe, Carmen and Cournoyer, Michèle and Crawley, Judith Lermer and Dagenais, Lorraine and Décary, Marie and Falardeau, Mira and Gauthier-Mitchell, Louisette and Girard, Suzanne and Greenberg, Sheila and De Grosbois, Louise and De Guise, Anne and Gutsche, Clara and Bain, Freda Guttman and Héon, Michelle and Lamothe, Raymonde and Landry, Lise and Larin, Lise-Hélène and Larivée, Francine and Leduc, Madeleine and Lindsay, Doreen and Loranger, Ginette and Maheux, Camille and Marchesault, Jovette and Morisset, Nicole and Nantel, Lise and Pearson, Ann and Pelletier, Pol and Renaud, France and Roy, Hélène and Saunders, Joyan and Tourangeau, Sylvie and Trépanier, Josette and Wagschal, Marion and Marshalore. Art et féminisme. Montréal, Qc: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, 1982.