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De Tocqueville, Alexis and Whitman, Walt and Ortega y Gasset, Jose and Lowenthal, Leo and Macdonald, Dwight and Seldes, Gilbert and Greenberg, Clement and Mott, Frank Luther and Berelson, Bernard and Dutscher, Alan and Hemley, Cecil and Wilson, Edmund and Orwell, George and Rolo, Charles J. and La Farge, Christopher and Bogart, Leo and Warshow, Robert and Shannon, Lyle W. and Brodbeck, Arthur J. and Johns-Heine, Patricke and Gerth, Hans M. and Salter, Patricia J. and Kracauer, Siegfried and Powdermaker, Hortense and Wolfenstein, Martha and Leites, Nathan and Elkin, Frederick and Gans, Herbert J. and Larrabee, Eric and Riesman, David and Meyersohn, Rolf B. and Anders, Gunther and Rabassiere, Henry and Hausknecht, Murray and Lang, Kurt and Hayakawa, S.i. and Berger, Morroe and Riesman, David and Popkin, Henry and McLuhan, Marshall and Albert, Robert S. and Seeger, Alan and Lazarsfeld, Paul F. and Merton, Robert K. and Adorno, T.w. and Howe, Irving and Van Den Haag, Ernest and Fiedler, Leslie H. and Tumin, Melvin. Mass Culture : The Popular Arts in America. New York, NY: The Free Press; London, Ont.: s.n., 1957.