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Robinson, Dylan and Martin, Keavy and Garneau, David and Scott, Jill and Morin, Peter and Angel, Naomi and Wakeham, Pauline and Fletcher, Alana and McKegney, Sam and Dewar, Jonathan and Diamond, Beverley and Dueck, Byron and Kalbfleisch, Elizabeth. Arts of Engagement : Taking Aesthetic Action In and Beyond the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Waterloo, Ont.: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2016.
Rieser, Martin and Zapp, Andrea and Beloff, Zoe and Blunck, Annika and Buckley, Michael and Butterworth, Alex and Courchesne, Luc and Cubitt, Sean and Dinkla, Söke and Dove, Toni and Dovey, Jon and Feingold, Ken and Hales, Chris and Harwood, Graham and Legrady, George and Le Grice, Malcolm and Manovich, Lev and Mirage, Merel and Scott, Jill and Seaman, Bill and Shaw, Jeffrey and Wand, Eku and Weibel, Peter and Weinbren, Grahame and Willemen, Paul and Wyver, John. New Screen Media : Cinema / Art / Narrative. London, England: British Film Institute; Karlsruhe, Allemagne: s.n., 2002.
Alton, Mary and Bansamian, Gregory and Carlier, Emmanuel and Garvey, Gregory P. and Ikam, Catherine and McCormack, Jon and Mitropoulos, Mit and Raibach, Carl and Rinaldo, Kenneth Edmund and Scott, Jill and Men, Shaolin Wooden and Sorin, Pierrick and Truckenbrod, Joan and Weber, Sally. Images du futur 96 : Les artistes au 21e siècle = Images du futur 96 : Artists of the 21st Century. Montréal, Qc: La Cité des Arts et des nouvelles technologies de Montréal, 1996.
DOSSIER: 500 - IMAGES DU FUTUR (Montréal, Qc)
Lynn, Victoria and Bennett, Gordon and Carchesio, Eugene and Conomos, John and Réber, Laslo and Barlycorn, John and Rrap, Julie and Scott, Jill. Strangers in Paradise : Contemporary Australian Art to Korea. [Seoul, Korea]: The National Museum of Contemporary Art, 1992.