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Cheval d'Attaque.. Paris, France: Éditions Cheval d'Attaque
No. 16/17 (1976)
Duguay, Raoul and Anhalt, Istvan and Boudreau, Walter and Charpentier, Gabriel and Hirbour-Coron, Lucie and Garant, Serge and Kendergi, Maryvonne and Lalonde, Michèle and Leduc, Pierre and Lefebvre, Jean-Pierre and Manny, Gilles and Mather, Bruce and Mercure, Pierre and Morel, François and Papineau-Couture, Jean and Pépin, Clermont and Prévost, André and Préfontaine, Jean and Racine, Luc and Renaud, Jeanne and Riopelle, Françoise and Sauvageau, Jean and Saint-Jacques, Pierre and Straram, Patrick and Sullivan, Françoise and Tremblay, Gilles and Vivier, Claude and Yaugud, Luoar and Mousseau. Musiques du Kébèk. Montréal, Qc: Éditions du Jour, 1971.