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Wyatt, Wanda L. and Arsenault, Adrien and Arvidson, Ronald E. and Basiletti, Mari Christina and Bell, Paul and Bentley, Charles and Birt, Gerald M. and Birt, Hazel and Buell, Earla and Callbeck, Bertha and Cameron, Marlene and Clement, Stephen W.J. and Collins, Brian and D'Amour, Therese and Desborough, Ardis and Doucette, Karl G. and Ells, Gerald B. and Fichaud, Gwen and Gallant, Helene and Gallant, Mel and Gaudet, Colleen and Gibson, Dorothy and Gillespie, Yvonne and Hardie, Banning and Hardie, Pearl M. and Harwood, Jocelyn A. and Harrison, Elaine and Hoof, Sally Blake and Hornby, Jean and Huestis, Lowell E. and Irving, Daphne and Ives, Eileen and James-Phillis, Debra and Jeeves, Barry R. and Kennedy, Hannelore and Keoughan, Mary T. and Kinder, Ben and Lachance, Em and Landry, Michael H. and MacDonald, Andrew and MacDougall, Isabel and MacInnis, Stephen and MacKenzie, Margaret and Matheson, Jim Murdock and Millar, Bev and Mills, Joel and Morrissey, Mae and Patenaude, Michel R. and Phillis, Carl and Purdy, Henry and Putnam, Elspeth and Quesnel, Ron and Ramsay, Phyllis and Reagh, Jane E. and Samuelson, Jodee and Stanfield, Maxine and Stanley, Malcolm A. and Starkey, Terence and Stewart, Joanne G. and Stewart, Russell and Taylor, Ferne and Trainor, Jean Margaret and Vickerson, Richard and Wonnacott, Brad and Worling, Robert V. and Willis-Kromer, Elizabeth C. and Edwards, Laurie. Island Visual Artists '86 : An Exhibition Representing the Work of Island Visual Artists. Charlottetown, PEi: Holland College School of Visual Arts Gallery, 1986.