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Sanfaçon, Louise and Dubois, Line and Pourtalès, Monique and Samson, Madeleine and Pelletier, Denise and Thuot, Diane and Hébert, Pauline and Marineau, Diane and Tran, Gilline and Johnson, Michael and Lachaussée, Gérard and Vincent, Bill. La parure : Collectif Engramme 1999. Québec, Qc: Engramme, 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - ENGRAMME (Québec)
Francoeur, Cyrille-Gauvin and Lévêque, Jean-Jacques and Bellemare, Pierre and Bews-Wright, Sylvia and Bouchard, Elmyna and Herbert, Katell and Hughto, Darryl and Kaeppelin, Olivier and Girard, Monique and Sarrazin, Dominique and Barbeau, Marcel and Beaucage, Michel and Blondeau, Steve-Michel and Dubuc, Suzanne and Gauthier, Jean-Pierre and Delagrave, Marie and Grisé, Suzanne and Inuzuka, Sadashi and Kelly, Kevin and Shimaya, Akira and Vincent, Bill. Le Symposium de la Jeune Peinture au Canada, 1989-1990. Baie-Saint-Paul, Qc: Le Centre d'art de Baie-Saint-Paul, 1993.
Théberge, Odette and Allard, Céline and April, Danielle and Baillargeon, Carole and Bois, Michel and Blouin, Line and Ousset-Camirand, Geneviève and Chalifour, François and Chevalier, François and Darby, Donald and Desjardins, Jacques and Dolbec, Lucie and Duchesne, Jocelyne and Dussault, Patrick and Ferland, Jocelyne and Fortier-Auclair, Odette and Gasse, Jocelyn and Girard, Mario and Gottheim, Vivian and Jirar, Claude and Landry, Diane and Larouche, Hélène and Leclerc, Clément and Leduc, Pierre and Lefebvre, Lucie and Malenfant, Nicole and Marois, Marcel and Martel, Suzanne and Martineau, Aline and Mathieu, Grant and Morisset, Denise and Morissette, Robert and Paquin, Josette and Rochette, Hélène and Royer, Claude and St-Onge, Michel and Turcotte, Nathalie and Vincent, Bill and Déry, Louise and Nadeau, Lisanne and Vincent, Jean-Paul and Bouchard, Cécile and Johnson, Carl and Wiedlé, Vladimir and Royer, Sylvie. Québec Ateliers ouverts 90. Québec, Qc: Québec Ateliers ouverts, 1990.