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Anderson, Laurie and Bellamy, Dodie and Biesenbach, Klaus and Boon, Marcus and Burke, Harry and Castets, Simon and Dammers, Katy and Warhol, Andy and Giorno, John and Watson, Sarah and et alii. Ugo Rondinone : I love John Rondinone. (2017).
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DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
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Bronson, A A and Gale, Peggy and Pontbriand, Chantal and Goldberg, RoseLee and Higgins, Dick and Barber, Bruce and Bicocchi, Maria Gloria and Salvadori, Fulvio and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Lister, Ardele and Jones, Bill and Nabakowski, Gislind and Lewis, Glenn and Frank, Peter and Tisdall, Caroline and COUM Transmissions. Performance by Artists. Toronto, Ont.: Art Metropole, 1979.
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