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Bentley, Allen. The Kashetsky Brothers. Saint John, NB: Peter Buckland Gallery, 2006.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Chiasson, Herménégilde and Benn, Robert and McElroy, Gil and Burtch, Michael and Delalune, Sylvie-Anne and Saintonge, Lynne and Rosenfeld, Roslyn and Metcalfe, Robin and Oliviera, Gina and Graff, Terry and Eyland, Cliff and Garvey, Susan Gibson and Vaughn, R.m. and Weiss, Judith A. and Oke, Heather and O'Neill, Mora Dianne and Fitzpatrick, Deanne and Murchie, John and Laurette, Patrick Condon and O'Flaherty, Patrick and Clause, Jo Ann and Townsend-Gault, Charlotte and Bentley, Allen and Hammock, Virgil and Koch, Christine and Johnson, Bruce and Stebbins, Joan and Larsen, Anna-Maria and Campbell, James R. and Uphold, Noel and Borsa, John and Williams, Carol and Rice, Kevin and Gard, Peter and Dumont, Jean and Barry, Philippa. L'exposition d'art atlantique Marion McCain : Anecdotes et énigmes = Marion McCain Atlantic Art Exhibition : Anecdotes and Enigmas. Fredericton, NB: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, 1994.