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Bernard, Christophe and Alanis, Salvador and Giraud, Éric and Bachand, Nathalie and Carpenter, J.r. and Carr, Angela and Turcot, François and Vincent, Dauphin and Avasilichioaei, Oana and St-Onge, Simon and Simic, Charles and Moure, Erin and Arsenault, Mathieu and Wren, Jacob and Bolster, Stephanie and Schürch, Franz and Gagnon, Renée and Phaneuf, Marc-Antoine K. and Poulin, Patrick and Hébert, Louis-Philippe and Schofield, Mélisandre and Laverdure, Bertrand and Dessavage and N.S.. Le Livre de chevet. Montréal, QC: Quartanier; S.l.: La Table des Matières, 2009.
DOSSIER: 390 - QUARTANIER, Le (Montréal)
Carpenter, J.r.. Pixelware : une sublime forgerie = a sublime forgery. Montréal, Qc: s.n., 2005.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Porter, Doug and Back, Doug and Carpenter, J.r. and Geuer, Juan and Perron, Jacques and Richards, Catherine and Rogers, Bob and Rokeby, David and White, Norman and Laiwan. Engaging the Virtual. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie Art Gallery, 2000.
Clay, Allyson and Chabot, Joceline and Hassan, Jamelie and Tomas, David and Henricks, Nelson and Frenkel, Vera and Haraldsson, Arni and Barber, Bruce and Bertrand, Francois-Marie and Chen, Millie and Von Michalofski, Evelyn and Murphy, Serge and Carr-Harris, Ian and Lammerich, Yvonne and Carpenter, J.r. and MacKenzie, Elizabeth and Tenhaaf, Nell and Goulet, Rose-Marie and Chitty, Elizabeth and Marriott, John and Bull, Hank and Bachmann, Ingrid and Xiong, Gu and Benner, Ron and Goodes, Donald and Robertson, Clive. So, to Speak. Montréal, Qc: Artextes Editions, 1999.
DOSSIER: 390 - ARTEXTE (Montréal, Qc)
Carpenter, J.r.. Other (or unspecified) Montréal, Qc: J R Carpenter, 1995.