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Butler, Cornelia and Cherix, Christophe and Piper, Adrian and Platzker, David. Adrian Piper : A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965-2016. New York, NY: Museum of Modern Art, 2018.
Bovier, Lionel and Cherix, Christophe and Phillpot, Clive. Booktrek. Selected Essays on Artists' Books (1972-2010). Zurich, Suisse: JRP Ringier; Dijon, France: Les presses du réel, 2013.
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DOSSIER: en traitement
Fischer, Barbara and Bronson, A A and Bayer, Fern and Ammann, Jean-Christophe and Bovier, Lionel and Busby, Cathy and Cherix, Christophe and Decter, Joshua and Diederichsen, Diedrich and Miller, John and Monk, Philip and Trescher, Stephan. General Idea Editions : 1967-1995. Mississauga, Ont.: Blackwood Gallery, 2003.
DOSSIER: 410 - GENERAL IDEA (AA Bronson + Felix Partz + Jorge Zontal)
Von Bismarck, Beatrice and Eichele, Sonja and Feldmann, Hans-Peter and Heusermann, Anika and Koehler, Inga and Märkel, Gesine and Obrist, Hans Ulrich and Prätorius, Karin and Schäfer, Hilmar and Stoller, Diethelm and Wieczorek, Wanda and Wiemann, Jan Kristian and Wuggenig, Ulf and Farge, Arlette and Clauszen, Thorsten and Perec, Georges and Ault, Julie and De Baere, Bart and Colomina, Beatriz and Därmann, Iris and Thiel, Detlef and Ernst, Wolfgang and Green, Renée and Grzinic, Marina and Holert, Tom and Merewether, Charles and Rogoff, Irit and Vidler, Anthony and Vismann, Cornelia and Warnke, Martin and Holder, Patricia and Dan, Cãlin and Kiraly, Josif and Lewandowska, Marysia and Cummings, Neil and Arkhipoff, Elisabeth and Ackermann, Franz and Fleck, Roberta and Keller, Christoph and Rutten, Bart and Willemsen, Paul and Eichelmann, Volker and Faiers, Jonathan and Rust, Roland and Tribe, Mark and Möntmann, Nina and Snyder, Sean and Quéloz, Catherine and Lederer, Anton and Makovec, Margarethe and Merali, Shaheen and Migliavacca, Ariede and Ponger, Lisl and Eriksson, Annika and Lum, Ken and Dercon, Chris and Vidokle, Anton and Gookin, Kirby and Herlin, Jean-Noël and Bovier, Lionel and Cherix, Christophe and Wilson, Martha and Katchen, Michael and Goldberg, Roselee and Liesegang, Torsten and Nouet, Jean-Pierre and Magnúsdóttir, Ásdis R. and Frémy, Anne and Piller, Peter and Duval, Céline and Linke, Armin and Franke, Anselm and Diers, Michael and Kerschgens, Peter and Reddeker, Lioba and Szeeman, Harald and Grigely, Joseph and Sibayan, Judy Freya and Boers, Waling and Böttcher, Jan and Dreyblatt, Arnold and Wedermeyer, Carmen and Schneiderman, Sara and Turin, Mark and Maset, Pierangel and Schötker, Ulrich and Kremeier, Ulrike and Nicolai, Olaf and Vriesendorp, Madelon and Ra'ad, Walid and Roca, José and Nannucci, Maurizio and Galántai, György and Baroni, Vittore and Noll, Udo and Scupelli, Peter and Knikker, Jan and Matthys, Kobe and Knobloch, Andrea and Dreher, Sabine and Gette, Paul-Armand and Van Tijen, Tjebbe and durbhan and Gruppo A12. Interarchive : Archivarische Praktiken und Handlungsräumr im zeitgenössischen Kunstfeld = Interarchive : Archival Practices and Sites in the Contemporary Art Field. Cologne, Germany: Verlag der Buchhandlung, Walter König, 2002.
Cherix, Christophe and Jenny, Laurent and Meyer, James. Mel Bochner : Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant to be Viewed as Art, New York 1966. Genève Suisse: Cabinet des estampes du Musée d'art et d'histoire; Cologne Allemagne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König; Paris France: Picaron Editions, 1997.