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Sourkes, Cheryl and Denniston, Stan. Stan Denniston : Still. Montréal, Qc: CV Ciel Variable, 2004.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Crépeau, Marie-Lucie and Hakim, Mona and Denniston, Stan and Desrochers, Christine and Léonard, Emmanuelle and Farley, Denis and Recurt, Élisabeth and Desmeules, Louis and Lussier, Paul and Rowley, Mari-Louise and Miller, David and Paul, Jimi and Burman, Jack and Bélanger, Rodrigue. Le son des images. Québec, Qc: Vu, 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - VU (Québec)
Denniston, Stan. Stan Denniston : Fictions. Québec, Qc: Vu, 1998.
Shaw, Nancy. Hard to Read. Vancouver, BC: Presentation House Gallery, 1988.
Carr-Harris, Ian and Guest, Tim and Tuer, Dot and Boigon, Brian and Denniston, Stan and Frenkel, Vera and Randolph, Jeanne and Grenville, Bruce and Jodoin, André. Artists/Critics. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ, 1985.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
Brand, Dionne and Bhaggiyadatta, Krisantha Sri and Burstyn, Varda and Greyson, John and Kinsman, Gary and Greyson, Peter and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim and Kwinter, Kerri and Fernie, Lynne and Frenkel, Vera and MacDowall, Cyndra. Issues of Censorship. Toronto, Ont.: A Space, 1985.
DOSSIER: 351 - A SPACE (Toronto)
Rhodes, Richard and Clarkson, David and Denniston, Stan and MacCallum, Peter and Salloum, Jayce. Alternate Photography : Isaac Applebaum, David Clarkson, Stan Denniston, Peter MacCallum, Jayce Salloum. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ, 1983.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
Randolph, Jeanne and Denniston, Stan. Stan Denniston. Victoria, BC: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1983.
Public : Light.: 18. Toronto, Ont.: Public Access