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De Duve, Thierry and Cameron, Eric and Naumann, Francis M. and Suquet, Jean and Young, H. Dennis and Camfield, William and Molderings, Herbert and James, Carol P. and Adcock, Craig and Nesbit, Molly and Gervais, André and Krauss, Rosalind and Blanken, Tamara and Allerdice, Jake and Mays, John Bentley and Bourguin, Aaron and Klein, John and Applegarth, Stewart and Krenkel, Vera and Barber, Bruce and Stephens, Doug and Anon.. The Definitively Unfinished Marcel Duchamp. Halifax, NS: NSCAD; Cambridge, MA: s.n., 1991.
Couture, Francine and Couture, Francine and Restany, Pierre and Gervais, André and Giroux, Robert and Allaire, Serge and Veronneau, Pierre and Arbour, Rose Marie and Deschamps, Yves and Landry, Roch and David, Gilbert and Julien, Jacques and Tembeck, Iro and Maloney, S. Timothy. Les arts et les années 60 : Architecture, arts visuels, chanson, cinéma, danse, design, littérature, musique, théâtre. Montréal, Qc: Les Editions Triptyque, 1991.
DOSSIER: 600 - QUÉBEC (Province de) / QUEBEC (Province of)
Les Cahiers du Musée national d'art moderne.: 30. s.l.: s.n.