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Tucker, Marcia and Goldfarb, Brian and Hatfield, John and Trippi, Laura and Young, Mimi. Temporarily Possessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection. New York, NY: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, 1995.
Guattari, Félix and Haraway, Donna and Canguilhem, Georges and Schwartz, Hillel and De Landa, Manuel and Barrado, Ana and Rabinbach, Anson and Cartwright, Lisa and Goldfarb, Brian and Deleule, Didier and Rabinow, Paul and Bouillion, Victor and Gilpin, Heidi and Theweleit, Klaus and O'Neill, John and Ballard, J.g. and Deleuze, Gilles and Simondo, Gilbert and Varela, Francisco and Scarry, Elaine and Sagan, Dorion and Sartre, Jean-Paul and Finkel, Leif and Turner, Frederick and Eisenman, Peter and Krohn, Bill and Poster, Mark and Rosenblatt, Nina and Virilio, Paul and Gorin, Jean-Pierre and Mauss, Marcel and Fend, Peter and Foster, Susan and Lapton, Ellen and Miller, J.a. and Dagognet, François and Tausk, Victor and Barry, Judith and Jones, Ronald and Kosofsky, Sedwick and Stone, Alluquière Roseanne and Rogers, Paul and Diller and Scofidio and Leone + Macdonald. Incorporations. New York, NY: Zone, 1992.
Rodriguez, Geno and Fisch, David and King, Charles and Sandrow, Hope and Young, Felicia and Abad, Pacita and Azaceta, Luis Cruiz and Benes, Barton Lidice and Black, Dorothy and Byard, Carole and Carreiro, Joel and Chun, Shi and Cosin, Catherina and Danko, Pat St. John and Doogan, Bailey and Duenow, Lynn and Fay, Ming and Fradkin, Lucy and Gilmour, Gina and Goldfarb, Brian and Gottfried, Arlene and Gunderson, Greta and Hammond, Harmony and Hechanova, Bert and Herman, Ed and Jacques, Sharon and Jensen, Eric M. and Kibbe, Kyle and Knecht, John and Koenig, Janet and Sholette, Greg and Koorland, Vivienne and Linares, Pedro and Linares, Felipe and Lukac, Jenni and Marks, China and McLean, Margot and Klebs, Jean and Michals, Robin and Niblock, Mark and Palacios, Jaime and Palaia, Franc and Pollack, Barbara and Rascon, Armando and Roccas, Yoav and Roesch, Barbara and Roesch, Doug and Rowe, Michael and Seid, Dui and Shearer, Rhonda Roland and Vaca, Santiago and West, Peter and Wyllie, Nancy and ACT UP New York and Artist/Homeless Shelter Collaborative and Gran Fury and October Workshop and Tzu-Chi-Yeh. Dia De Los Muertos III : Homelessness. New York, NY: The Alternative Museum, 1990.