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Saldanha, Louise and Srivastava, Aruna and Brahmacharie, Sanhita and Proulx-Turner, Sharron and Mistry, Hiren and Hudson, Peter and Compton, Wayde and Pal, Rajinderpal S. and Ramnath, S. and Hajratwala, Minal and Hassan, Marwan and Bannerji, Himani and Noorani, Arif and D'Souza, Kevin and Maharaj, Rabindranath and Dulai, Phinder and Mathur, Ashok and Mookerjea, Sourayan and De Pooani Posse (collectif). Rungh 4: 1-2. (1998).
Salloum, Jayce and Kawaja, Jennifer and Marks, Laura U. and Hassan, Marwan and Hassan, Marwan and Georgis, Dina and Mutman, Mahmut and Ra'ad, Walid and Said, Edward and Shahat, Ella Habiba. ...East of Here... (Re)Imagining the "Orient". Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Artists' Outlet, 1996.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)
Chang, Heesok and Gagnon, Monika and Hassan, Marwan. Jamelie Hassan. Québec, Qc: La Chambre blanche, 1996.
Tamplin, Illi-Maria and Hassan, Jamelie and Hassan-Gordon, Tariq and Hassan, Marwan. Identity Transfers : Jamelie Hassan. Peterborough, Ont.: The Art Gallery of Peterborough, 1993.
Hassan, Marwan and Mahovsky, Trevor. Rhonda Weppler : Thin // Jayce Salloum : Everything and Nothing. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Artists' Outlet.
DOSSIER: 351 - YYZ (Toronto)