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Hill, Gary and Cothren, Martin. Tu sais où je suis et je sais où tu es : Gary Hill et Martin Cothren. Dijon, France: Les presses du réel, 2021.
DOSSIER: en commande
McAlear, Donna and Dahle, Sigrid and Hill, Gary. Gary Hill. Winnipeg, Man.: Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2001.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Brock, Bazon and Szeemann, Harald and Ventimiglia, Dario and Trini, Tommaso and Stahel, Urs and Howard, Richard and Greene, Alison de Lima and Kabakov, Ilya and Kabakov, Emilia and Lüscher, Ingeborg and Parent, Béatrice and Bourgeois, Caroline and Serra, Richard and Krauss, Rosalind and Dehò, Valerio and Ciment, Michel and Tuttle, Richard and Païni, Dominique and Hibon, Danièle and Ronte, Dieter and Bird, Jon and Oliva, Achille Bonito and Burden, Chris and Kohl, Astrid and Schröder, Johannes Lothar and Abriouxî, Yves and Graeve, Inka and Kellein, Thomas and Dean, Max and Martinez, Rosa and Vettese, Angela and Hill, Gary and Ammann, Jean-Christophe and Kravagna, Christian and Martinez, Rosa and Blazwick, Iwona and Olmo, Santiago B. and Kurjakovic, Daniel and Wilson, Michael and Höller, Christian and Medina, Cuauhtémoc and Rondeau, James and Zhakharov, Vadim and Cattelan, Maurizio and Enwezor, Okwui and Tarantino, Michael and Sederholm, Helena and Kunde, Harald and Bringas, Tamara Díaz and Tiong, Ang and Bruch, Martin and Baumgartner, Marcel and Akinsha, Konstantin and Dematté, Monica and Harakka, Timo and Codognato, Mario and Beech, Dave and Jones, Ronald and Allen, Jennifer and Risaliti, Sergio and Jusidman, Yishai and Calzolari, Sibilla and Hirvi, Maria and Valldosera, Eulalia and Cazali, Rosina and Bismuth, Pierre and Neto, Ernesto and Jewesbury, Daniel and Pasini, Francesca and Rosenthal, Norman and Burrows, David and Arrhenius, Sara and McCormick, Carlo and Dematté, Monica and De Cecco, Emanuela and Baker, Alex and Pimental, Taiyana and Cooke, Lynne and Ambach, Marcus and Sonnenschein, Eliezer and Robinson, D. and Figueroa, Eugenio Valdes and Piñera, Virgilio and Langelarr, Marije and Juillerat, Vincent and Anderson, Jeffery and Stjernstedt, Mats and Kellner, Clive and Cherubini, Laura and Maraniello, Gianfranco and Hirvi, Maria and Härm, Anders and Brett, Guy and Bush, Kate and Searle, Adrian and Kent, Sarah and Beausse, Pascal and Bezzola, Tobia and Colombo, Paolo and Ostojic, Tanja and Haapala, Leevi and Cazali, Rosina and Murinik, Tracy and Jaukkuri, Maaretta and Lapa, Pedro and Auerbach, Ruth and Chen, Zhen and Schmitz, Michael and Comi, Enrico R. and Lum, Ken and Tazzi, Pier Luigi and Cavallucci, Fabio and Herrmann, Matthias and Arestizabal, Irma and Barrett-Lennard, John and Schweeger, Elisabeth and Pirotte, Philippe and Celant, Germano and Muniz, Vick and Baerwaldt, Wayne and Kölle, Brigitte and Arévalo, Antonio and De Downey, Marilys Belt and Makovic, Zvonko and Rusnáková, Katarina and Abildgaard, Dorthe and Selim, Ahmed Fouad and Cukovic, Petar and Pavicevic, Milija and Troncy, Eric and Dimeska, Viktorija Vaseva and Gallagher, Ann and Tsikouta, Lina and Fabényi, Julia and Volk, Gregory and Murphy, Patrick T. and Zalmona, Yigal and Amidon, Catherine and Osaka, Eriko and Narkevicius, Deimantas and Dahlström, Björn and Nilsson, Håkan and Prasal-Wishiewska, Aneta and Lapa, Pedro and Balassanian, Edward and Xydakis, Nikos and Chong, Doryun and Demakova, Helena and Mashadi, Ahmad and Lee, Joanna and Fonda, Aurora and Balaci, Ruxandra and Dyogot, Ekaterina and Khripun, Sergei and Tupitsyn, Victor and de Diego, Estrella and Weschler, Max and Madra, Beral and Rayevsky, Valentin and Rondeau, James and Viso, Olga M. and Lara, Cléver and Duque, Luis Ángel and Dalembert, Louis-Philippe and Tsong-zung, Chang and Kao, Chien-hui and Baumgarten, Lothar and Oguibe, Olu and Hassan, Salah and Brollo, Boris and Plessi, Fabrizio and Nelson, Mike and Anur. La Biennale di Venezia 49 : Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte. Venice, Italy: Edizioni La Biennale di Venezia; Naples, Italy: s.n., 2001.
London, Barbara and Barry, Judith and Miskell, Brad and Douglas, Stan and Furuhashi, Teiji and Hill, Gary and Marker, Chris and Odenbach, Marcel and Oursler, Tony and Viola, Bill. Video Spaces : Eight Installations. New York, NY: Museum of Modern Art, 1995.
. Toronto, Ont.: Public Access Collective
Kellein, Thomas and Laib, Wolfgang and Kessler, Jon and Horn, Roni and Disler, Martin and Dumas, Marlene and Dell'Olio, Silvia and Widauer, Simone and Geerk, Frank. The 21st Century : Into the Future with Paracelsus = Das 21. Jahrhundert : Mit Paracelsus in die Zukunft. Basel, Switzerland: Kunsthalle Basel, 1993.
Poinsot, Jean-Marc and Elkar, Catherine and Miloux, Yannick and Lippert, Werner and Owens, Craig and Perreau, David and Kruger, Barbara. C'est pas la fin du monde : Un point de vue sur l'art des années 80. Rennes, France: Centre d'histoire de l'art contemporain, 1992.
Sarrazin, Stephen. Gary Hill. [Montbéliard, France]: Édition du Centre International de création Vidéo Montbéliard Belfort, 1992.
Hall, Doug and Fifer, Sally Jo and Rosler, Martha and Boyle, Deirdre and Hanhardt, John G. and Huffman, Kathy Rae and Hill, Gary and Sturken, Marita and Acconci, Vito and O'Dell, Kathy and Morse, Margaret and Graham, Dan and Birnbaum, Dara and Torres, Francesc and Lord, Chip and Fried, Howard and Gever, Martha and Yonemoto, Bruce and Yonemoto, Norman and Barry, Judith and Halleck, Dee Dee and Hershman, Lynn and Wooster, Ann-Sargent and Fusco, Coco and D'Agostino, Peter and Turim, Maureen and Downey, Juan and Ferguson, Bruce and Jonas, Joan and Klein, Norman M. and Tamblyn, Christine and Bellour, Raymond and Labat, Tony and Myers, Rita and Lucier, Mary and Vasulka, Woody and Vasulka, Steina and Viola, Bill and Oursler, Tony and Muntadas, Antonio. Illuminating Video : An Essential Guide to Video Art. New York, NY: Aperture; San Francisco, CA: s.n., 1990.
Christoffersen, Agnethe Dorph and Borum, Paul and Bellour, Raymond and Hill, Gary. Other Words and Images : Video Af Gary Hill. Copenhagen, Denmark: Video Galleriet; s.l.: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 1990.
Bellour, Raymond and Belz, Gerd and Campus, Peter and Downey, Juan and Hill, Gary and Jonas, Joan and Kuntzel, Thierry and Marton, Pierre and Nyst, Danièle and Nyst, Jacques-Louis and Odenbach, Marcel and Rosenbach, Ulrike. Eye for I : Video Self-Portraits. New York, NY: Independent Curators Incorporated; Montréal, Qc: s.n., 1989.
Hanhardt, John G. and Hill, Gary. Gary Hill. New York, NY: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1983.